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Off savings on fences, decks and favors. Go to long fence dot com and schedule your free estimate. Today. It's 7 11. Daddy, What do we want? Abortion access. Dozens of local abortion rights supporters upset about a recent Supreme Court decision took their message straight to a Supreme Court justices home about 50 people gathered in a Chevy Chase Park late yesterday, protesting the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Texas abortion law. They went to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was home. He was one of the five justices who rejected a challenge to Texas's law that allows private citizens to sue providers that perform abortions. After a fetal heartbeat can be detected. About a dozen police officers surrounded Cavanaugh's house and protected it. Nobody was arrested Nick in L E w T o P News. Planned Parenthood of D. C. Says it plans to increase access to those in need of abortion, and it'll become the second Planned Parenthood affiliate in the US to offer at home abortion medication. The ST Louis branch is the other The medication costs $525 and Planned Parenthood is making it available to anyone in Maryland, Virginia or D. C. It's offered up to eight weeks and six days after the start of a woman's last period, the organization says in wake of the New Texas law that bans abortions after six weeks at home services are particularly helpful to people who might have problems scheduling and in person appointment. Whether or not several highways and Fairfax County named for Confederate leaders will be changed is still up in the air. The Confederate names Task Force was formed in July and could recommend by the end of the year whether to change the names of Lee Highway Route. 29 Lee Jackson Highway Route 50 in Fairfax County. After lengthy discussion last night, following a presentation about Virginia history that shaped how the roads got their names. Task Force members were asked to describe the process of trying to decide what to do with just one word jointed, messy. Optimistic, engaged, uncertainty overdue Rent, Tartar, former senior editor at the Library Virginia told the task force There's a lot to think about, and they have to answer the question. Are the names of the roadways still appropriate today? Kyle Cooper w T o P NEWS Coming UP on w T O P Fairfax County looks at implementing attacks on bags It's 7 14. Commute with confidence on car free day. Used transit.

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