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And solar number one I do see says stay home it's safer there we had doctor Scott Alassane any said no no that's the dumbest thing you could do the complete opposite is common sense so there you go do you believe do server Dr Scott Alice from Stanford University who believes in her community and everything else by the way again eight point seven million people Penn state study eight point seven million people they believe had the virus in March March eight point seven million people we were told a hundred thousand had it so we lock down what it was already out everywhere everywhere we're building unity as we speak second thing I think you needed to know CDC comes out and says old baby look at this we think ten times more ten times more people have this then we thought well too they believe two point three million have had or currently have it they think it's over twenty million now what this woods third thing I think you need to know yes Pima county is now threatening businesses with their licenses in somebody to because they are not enforcing the Mascaro the mask mandate so he just town council voted against it said we're going by CDC regulations in the CDC says you don't wear masks and Pima county Sir so you have to do what we tell you and they're going back and forth somebody to says there's an Arizona revised statute which is a law is that diet local localities if they've already they have the power not a county can he says you're wrong who knows who's right there you have it going after businesses at a time when businesses have gotten destroyed three things I think you need to know where to go Pima county so stupid so stupid I'm I got I guess before I get a call people on waiting very patient I I totally totally totally thank you and is it's too I was hoping this would actually happen here in in Arizona but it's not there yet story from Florida the Daytona beach news journal lawsuit challenges Florida counties mask mandates calling it a radical infringement of constitutional rights the head of the Republican Party in Leon county can't get that happen here in Pima county teamed up with a conservative state representative to challenge a local ordinance requiring people to wear face coverings to curb the spread of covert nineteen yep that's what it is Evan power is the chairman of Leon county Republican executive committee so I don't know problem masks have a problem with the government mandating action in our private lives interesting right so this we've talked in the past state Rep Anthony Sabatini their Republican lawyer he's the one that represented for free business owners they were told they have to shut your business down in Florida give me a break may break the lawsuit alleges Leon county's orders to wear masks or face coverings have caused interference with personal liberty in business enterprise so that's what they say they're I'm and they said it's distintas never had any kind of requirement to wear masks any has not issued a statewide mandate to wear masks at least he is he's holding strong there he's holding strong descent is unlike our wish to fight governor eight again this is the most frustrating thing we have all of this all of this information any T. just perfect did he purposefully ignored how come I hate to sound talk show host confined it he's got a staff that we pay for they can't find it are they ignoring so the lawsuit questions the efficacy of face masks pointing to the WHO's announcement that said it's rare a symptomatic people transmit the virus and they did say that she tried to walk it back but she she she didn't do okay she didn't really walk it back didn't really walk back twelve page lawsuit WHO's conclusions cast serious doubt on the rationality and effectiveness of wearing masks in public places so they're basically saying this is an infringement a reasonable and legitimate expectation of privacy is our own body my body my choice right my body my choice by the way only six are hidden in Leon county Tuesday only six Kobe nineteen patients were hospitalized the day the ordinance was passed and my doctor I listen we've talked about everybody to go to the hospital gets tested so of course you're gonna see more cases it's going to happen it is going to happen eight eight zero can S. T. eight eight zero five six seven eight let's start with Tim Tim welcome to can STI Tim how you doing today actually what's on your mind and get a we appreciate you being on the voice truth and reason out there really do on the daily listeners will arrive calling for one to point out it's very hard to find a number of tests per day in the United States you go to the site yesterday record number of infections that's all you hear and read I call and I want to point out there's a site out there called the U. S. data good nineteen her project and what it does is track the number of tests per day for United States going back to when testing started hi an important reason yes have side look at it you got to collect the data yourself I went back and I said okay yesterday we had six hundred and forty thousand test with a record number of test yesterday and you heard from the media yesterday as we had forty thousand infections if you look at the infection rate yesterday was actually six percent which is lower than the ten percent that we've been averaging since this thing began so if you go back it tracks it all the way back to February so we were doing about three hundred thousand half the day back in may increasing to about four hundred thousand in June and if you look at the last week of June we've been averaging about four hundred fifty six hundred and forty thousand test yes you are seventy thousand more than we've done at any one time so if you take that inspection right you're gonna have more infections per day in the range of seven to twelve thousand more per day it's just you know it's just that I don't expect the media to to report that but I wanted to inform you that side if you're not already informed but think it's important that people look at that if the covert nineteen project the call it's called the U. S. data code nineteen tracking project and if you look at all it is is tracking the number of tests per day very hard to find you can go to the site you can go to the World honor and find how many infections per day and how many number that you can never find the test it's very interesting you have to dig dig down to find that stuff but I thought I thought it was interesting to point out your listeners we talk about the infection rate being twelve percent fifteen percent you're looking at six percent of the of the test yesterday which is where I believe the lowest since this started but all you hear is about forty thousand you know record number of record number of infections per day and it's affecting the economy expecting everything it is it's a technical stuff and let me tell you this you don't even know if these numbers are actually accurate because I'll I'll tell you this professor Daniel W..

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