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You ready to go? You know, he's just you know. Hey, Mike Ramsey. You're ready to go. You know, it just. Testing the water temperature in the room getting guys ready, so walking and harsh pitching and he's struggling. And so we got we're we got our camera in the dugout, and why do you talking to hub Kittle the pitching coach for the cardinals a hub? You think ought to go out and talk to walking because. Yeah, I think you ought to go talk to him while he so he calls time out, and he goes out there. Now, everybody wonders what the hell does the manager say when he goes out to talk to a pitcher. Well, we're about to find out. And why these like, hey, Joaquin you once when on twenty some games for us last year, we won the World Series. And you're throwing this blankety blank today. Now, take the blankety blank ball and throw it blankety blank blankety blank. So we had to bleep on. You know, when it was it was amazing. And then later on there's like a five or six run rally, and why is in the in the dugout? He's going over to Mike Ramsey. This happened you're going to do this. He goes over to somebody this happens. You're I mean, he's like a traffic cop and he's like three or four batters ahead of what's taking place on the field. You know, it's gold for my story. Because now we see why this guys, you know. Right. So the story runs we we did a three part series. And you know, they gave me as much time as I wanted because we had so much great stuff. So one part of it was a lengthy interview with widey it was mostly about leadership and managing and his philosophy of of how to treat players, and and how to make sure the twenty fifth guy on the team is ready to go when you need him because he's the guy that doesn't get any attention. The superstars they get too much attention. And he, you know, so he was gave a lot of really thoughtful answers. And then the third piece was it was just basically a net sound piece of that game that we had the wireless on him. And so. This is eighty three so fast forward to about two thousand ten. We had a weekly cardinal show on channel five and they resurrected my Whitey Herzog peace and started running some of. And people were coming up to wide you on the streets. Hey, I saw that piece of art holiday did back on you and eighty three and you had the wireless mic on. It was great is fantastic. Well, why do you had never seen it? So his assistant calls our newsroom and asks if we could put it on DVD. So we did a couple of weeks later. I get a call at my desk. And the newsroom aren't why. Do you hers on? This is not a normal day. And I said, why do you what can I do for you? He goes I just wanted to. Thank you for number one for doing that story back on me in in eighty three. I sat down with my grandkids while and they got to see what grandpa was all about. Because those kids weren't even born then in in the eighties. And he goes if you ever need anything for me, all you gotta do is ask. And and sure enough I remember specifically when STAN Musial was getting the medal of freedom. I wanted to get a comment from Whitey. So I called him up, and he goes, well, I'm running a bunch of areas today. I'll just stop by the station. But that, but you know, so from eighty three to two thousand ten that story Awadhi hers Auge had a life at Santa great store. Oh, it's an incredible story. How does that make you feel that I think you put this? This was your idea your brain Chaldean eighty three. And now that's something that, you know, his family is gonna It was be. beyond cool..

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