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I don't think sam you're upset enough about the this narrow channel thing and i just appointed. I thought you'd be more upset. I i guess we were. We were talking about this. Like we lost brian. Oh and and joe biden Joe biden one. And i think near tanned is a look if you strip away her. I think she's a cipher and i don't think that she has any real political grounding. I think that the biden administration like this. this interpretation. i've seen people say like they. They got near tenants to the bernie. Sanders has to be on the banking committee and kawtar. Look why does why do people think it's gonna work that way like like like. Why do people think that burners kowtow to her which comes up in front of the banking committee. That's not the way it's going to work. No i mean. I think like you know the against deliberate. I think it's going to happen. I mean well. I don't think he's gonna kowtow to your. I think there's going to be. There will be interaction between the two of them. Sure and i mean it almost. Who's going to be more uncomfortable for. It's gonna be more comfortable for her. He's a senator. He's sitting there and she's coming to see him as a senator in the summer. I mean i he is going to have to Kaz centers can make make difficult for for people in the cabinet. But i mean. I don't think that the i think that i think what happens. In the the biden transition is they have a list and they say like we have these three of these whatever five boxes that we check off one of them is we owe clinton world and what do we owe clinton world. We owe them three. I think what does biden people say. We owe them a lot right. And they're like amy. And so how do we feel that. How do we fill one of those things that we owe them. It's not a muffin basket. It's putting somebody into paying off their debts. And how do we get but we want somebody there that we can control. That's not going to necessarily have their own agenda. So who's a cipher that we can play here and i'm not convinced that the biden people aren't like center american progress. She's a progressive right. Well i think that's the problem right like i think you're actually write them when you say she's not going to get through. I think they actually kind of are using this as like a way to get with. The guys live bruce read. That's what scares me more than a deficit hawk. Her twitter activity is like not going to get her like. She's i don't think she'll get through bolitho she does right. I think the problem is that the same problem you have with pelosi right. There's the sheen of like progressiveness on near attended right. I was at my cousin. Action does some videos for center for american progress in terms of like some of their informational videos. And a passover seder like two years ago and they were like oh. Have you heard of like center for american progress. They do a lot of really progressive things. And i was just like a no. They don't and like. I like i think. The problem is these resistance. Lives to like people who don't pay attention to as enough as we do. They senior attendant. They think she's a progressive in the same way they pelosi is a progressive and i think again but the only. Here's the only pushback. I will give you like a real unlash or urban looked at as a progressive i whom enter right by but but but i think josh in terms of like the voters did go go. Ask people who don't have a kid working at the center for american progress as to who near attended and they're gonna look at you like what like i'm not saying don't don't ask around the dsa. Ignore meeting i'm saying like the the lib you're talking about the people who are like you know like now go to brunch. They don't know who near camden is they. Don't know what the center for american progresses. They just don't know and they don't like this is the question is is like you know. I think to the extent that there's any calculation on behalf on the part of the biden administration. It is we. Don't we got to throw a bone to the clinton people we also throw a bone so that the republicans have some red meat that they can chew up and this is a three for because the left if they even contemplated that the left would have a problem with near hand in which. I'm not sure that they did if they contemplated that because they've said for a long time like we don't go on twitter and i don't know if that's true or not but if it's true like they may not they may not even know but if they did know they'd be like okay they'll be able to sink this this pick. The republicans will be able to sink this pick and then we can put in somebody who's going to like help us pivot austerity at one point. Like that's to the extent that i have a concern. That's my real concern like near. Attendance is going to do whatever the biden administration tells her to do. She doesn't have her own northstar. Let's put it that way. She's a hack. She's a party hack. i think she's also like i think there's a little bit.

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