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Any any vsel 2017 unlikely theory of the armed armed johnson local s fast seeds chang now raytheon had 14 ten wdov mud helping to community anyway began planning a fiveday walk charity auction or other type of the vent of that at the nonprofit organization let us know and will spread the word just head to wdov how click on connec than had event calendar deal the gap how can then had at that real news in in real time twenty four seven the news affects every 1410 wdov arroyo is melnikov he will say that at the the dragging the seat cellular guards debt zulu boy to begin would fan that's that's what he says he ran out of the and be the head he said and it's true grew wear of the big dragon that's coming the black sky of it what it means to everyone this is crazy but true alex go good alex in oregon high ostro ground zero oh hello quite good evening and thanks for put him in their show excellent show today and i love it so it and uh you know i am i wonder you know if they quit which both you'll be seeing no korea maybe partially or at all it's not in the corridor know we're we're just in the corridors the united states uh and day begin ends on the coast of oregon and it ends in charleston south carolina columbia south carolina in there in that area age i was just wondering because you know i you know even though come in north korea communist it communist i mean that's what they have adopted in know it it said coach urthani ill or if an asia coulter it has at thousands of years and billy andrade in in in in in sankoh thief nature will almost every culture has lou lee uh similar to this one and and i'm just wondering if fair they comment that donald trump was saying about a fire and fury let's just say in ended in and try it you have some correlation till the eclipse that is happening right now or maybe just a you know it just say just a casual flick a age just cash will or a chef coincidence well braith anasta out but uh i don't know if you know this or not but there was actually a national geographic special called dragon wars fire.

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