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In this hour. President Trump agrees to end the shutdown EJ and David Brooks are here for we can politics also in Venezuela. President Medeiros challenger stages rally and the US warns the regime not to touch him or else is there a danger that there could be significant violence, certainly that is one possibility and the invisibles a new film about the holocaust and the seven thousand Jews who survived in Berlin these stories of people who have to climb into different identities. These stories are so full of tension. Now this news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston. The short-term spending plan that will reopen. The government is on its way to President Trump for his signature, both the house and Senate quickly approved it without objection the president and nounce the deal at the White House this afternoon. I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government congressional Democrats are applauding the additional time to work toward a compromise on border security funding. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's looking forward to negotiations an optimistic I see every challenge your every crisis as an opportunity and opportunity to do the right thing for the American people and at the same time make people aware of what the decisions are that we have here, and hopefully that will make everybody come together in. Way that is unifying for a country. The agreement will end the five-week long partial government shutdown that furloughed or forced hundreds of thousands of federal employees to work without pay President Trump's longtime, associate and informal adviser. Roger stone says he will fight the charges brought against him by special counsel, Robert Muller as NPR's Ryan Lucas reports. Stone says he plans to plead not guilty. Stone was arrested by the FBI early in the morning at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A federal indictment against him contain seven counts including obstruction of an official preceding making false statements and witness tampering. Stone made his initial appearance before a judge in Florida afterwards. He told a crowd of reporters on the courthouse steps that he will plead not guilty to the charges. He accused Muller's investigation of being politically motivated, and he vowed that he will not testify against the president and quote bear false witness some onlookers in the crowd jeered stone as he spoke chanting lock him up stones next. Court appearance is scheduled to take place in Washington DC, Ryan, Lucas, NPR news, Washington. US markets were up today and remained in positive territory. After President Trump announced the deal to reopen the government NPR's, Emily Sullivan reports the Dow closed up more than one hundred eighty points or three quarters of one percent. White House experts calculated that the economy was losing a tenth of a percentage point of economic growth for every week of the government shutdown. Investors seem reassured that Washington is moving to temporarily and the longest shutdown in history. The NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred also advanced the bipartisan funding measure will reopen shuttered agencies until February fifteenth while more negotiations continue ongoing trade tensions between the US and China continued to hang over the market investors mood soured earlier in the week after reports that the US cancelled scheduled meetings with Chinese trade representatives. Emily Sullivan, NPR news, Washington. You're listening to NPR news. From Washington from news. I'm Jeremy Siegel East Bay congressman Eric swale. Well, says he's not surprised by the arrests today of President Trump's longtime ally. Roger stone stone's been indicted for obstruction witness tampering and making false statements about Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election swallow, who sits on the house intelligence committee says the charges confirm what he heard from stone during closed-door testimony. I was a part of the interview team for Roger stone. And he wasn't straight with us. We suspected that. This was the case when he started to send amended statements to us as press reporting was contradicting his version of what happened stone says he's been falsely accused and will plead not guilty Richmond. Mayor Tom, but says a case against the city and its housing authority for failing to provide safe and sanitary housing should not have been settled earlier this week Richmond's housing authority and the city agreed. Need to pay six hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars to a number of elderly and disabled public housing tenants. The former tenants of the hacienda housing complex sued the city and the thorny in twenty fifteen claiming it was overrun with mice cockroaches and mold but says the root cause of the problem is a lack of federal funds not sitting this management. You know, the city of Richmond should not have responsibility for doing this. It's a federal government responsibility. Not a city responsibility. I I don't think the city really awesome anything. But you know, that's that's my opinion. The settlement money will be split. Among the nine.

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