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Second place. At this point, they're 5.5 games behind. The San Diego Padres. Here's the lineups for Matt Cain going against Arizona. Randy win this skel J. T Snow, Aloo Durham, Alfonzo, Linden Martini and Matt Cain again. This is just Matt Cain second major league game. Craig Counsell. Sit Trone. Remember him? The coach now of Houston. Gonzalez, Tony Clark, Shawn Green, Chad Tracy, Royce Clayton, Chris Snyder and Rush Ortiz is the pitcher here for the Arizona Diamondbacks. So We're in Arizona. The Giants have won four straight. They're looking for their fifth year. They're looking for a sweep of more importantly, this 20 year old young man, the right hander. Matt Cain is on the hill for the Giants right in the Giants first, Randy Win a triple The scale strikes out but Snow abase, it puts the Giants up one to nothing. The Arizona second They threatened 1st and 3rd. But Matt Cain get Snyder on a pop out. Matt can retires. 12 straight innings three through six. Gotta jump ahead just a little bit and tell you this on the year Matt Cain 17 games. 46 innings. 24 hits four homers, 19 walks and 30 strikeouts at 2 33 earned run average. We're going to talk more about Matt Cain and his 13 years in the big leagues, but you can tell early on. This kid was absolutely special. We go to the giant six. Randy win a double. Miss Kayla single puts the Giants up two to nothing in the giant seventh. Alfonso Walk. Linden is hit by a pitch. Randy win. Another hit a two out single puts Giants up three. Nothing In the Arizona seventh. Tony Clark, a triple Shawn Green Grounds out gets him in Tracy a flyout Clayton the ground out, and that's that Matt Cain in this game goes seven innings. Three hits, Air Run, No. Homer's one walk and four strikeouts. He's in picked up by LaTroy Hawkins got air and Armando Benitez believe it or not, so we go to the ninth Giants. Europe three toe one, Tony Clark leads it off Tony Clark, of course, the head of the Labour Union now 3 to 2 with a home run is 23rd of the year. But then Armando minute is for one of his good moments gets rid of Sean Grain, Tracy and Clayton to wrap it up for the first major league win for Matt Cain. 13 years in the big leagues, 100 for 118 boy that should have been reversed and add about another 20 wins onto that. 3 68 and run average 2085 innings pitched two World Series starts Wanna know with a 1 80 for earned run average in 2010 and 2012. For Matt Cain. His two starts for Matt Cain and an outstanding career the pitch on the way she ran aground on a second. Darren's got it. He bottles it picks it up over with his second big league win on this one. A complete game too. What a remarkable job by Matt came tonight. He throws a one complete game shutout. The Giants win game one and animals with the wind up and the pitch and cane. It's Ah Hi, Dr Toe left Pierre going back. It is here and it's his first of the year in this game is tied with a look of determination starts his wind up. His 12 pitch is grounded toward third. Arias has it. Stumbles his first picture 128.

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