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Open from nine to five through open for three hours on Saturday. If they're open at all. And if you're busy person, how are you ever going to be able to do those returns? So if you have a place that I would hedge my bets that most Kohl's locations are in suburban areas where maybe it's a little further. Get to a post office you and I could walk to one, but we're in like very dense urban areas. But if it's a hassle to get to your post office, you can't get there during business hours. You wanna get a receipt that you handed back your return to a person, you know, you don't just want to drop it in the little box outside the post office. You know this adds a convenience factor. And that's what customers want big time. You're absolutely right. Because the thing that makes returns hard for may absolutely centers on the hours that post offices are open absolutely p to the s just a reminder that the United States postal service is not a government entity. I don't know. I just wanted to point that out and ever really think about that. I think about it all the time. Because because why does it suck so bad government office? Like if it's run by the federal government. I get that. It's only open nine to five like that's just like government rules right that I just made up. Like, if you're a private company can't you be open to like seven on Wednesdays or something anything or just open on weekends a little bit longer. Just a little bit at any rate till like two or three I understand why Amazon is really liking this deal because it is potentially little risk. High reward Kohl's on the other hand. I think they may end up with a branding problem. Oh, they're going to be like the hell hole of Amazon returns. How much of your brand are you sacrificing in order to dry foot traffic? But maybe that's just where they are. Maybe it just has to be done KARN. Name one thing. You can get it, Kohls. Anything a brand name thing. A gimme a brand that Cole cells. Besides VERA Wang. I just gave you that one Lauren. Conrad stuff. Can you name a second? It was going to be VERA Wang. Yes..

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