Arizona Senate candidate Kelly spokesman called police ‘Worthless F–ing Pigs’ before joining race


Mark Kelly. Hired a spokesperson on August 24th a new guy, TJ LaRue. Whatever his name is. Turns out eight days before that, this tea jailer hurl a ruler who, whatever his name is Hey, tweeted out that Chicago Police are worthless Effing pigs so tweets that August 16th eight days later, he's officially hired by Mark Kelly. Oh, and now this TJ guy has locked everyone out of his Twitter account is totally private. So ah, we will see what happens Market. You vet these people you want to be at Mark Kelly wants to be a senator. You don't think I looked at this guy social media, his background Mark Kelly was not concerned or worried that this guy tweeted that disgusting thing about police calling them worthless, effing pigs. He hired him anyway. Goes to show you on Mark Kelly thinks of law enforcement. He despises law enforcement.

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