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I read a blog post by this guy named Chris Lous and he is attacked up, teach up chat tech. The teacher. Yeah, and his first block post that he wrote, I was like, oh my goodness. I love what this guy's talking about as far as how gained cow Cowie's using game. If occasion, he was basically telling us his journey and it was fantastic. His journey in his literature classes of how he was using game -cation. So I started basically emulating borrowing a bunch of things that he was using. And then one of just by happenstance, I was coaching basketball that year and my assistant coach, Toby. You should take a course by this guy. Dr Haskell in I was I, I really had my master's degree in. I was like, who is that in? Why should I take of? And it's like a is like, no, this business spend is right up your alley. And so the course is called a teaching learning digital worlds or virtual worlds. And I took the course just by the recommendation of my friend, I didn't need it or anything. I just was like, let's see what happens. And that was my odd moments because Dr Haskell basically had us as graduate students. Participating in class in these different virtual worlds, including mine craft. And so one of my first projects you want to call him that. Was building a world that then exploded, you know, as far as people wanting to know more about it, which was kind of this commerce world that built. So it would immerse my students in the Spanish language while they were role playing as difference careers within the world of Minecraft. And so I was just kind of borrowing a little combination of what Dr Haskell taught us, and then also what Chris Beal was doing, which was documenting what was happening because I didn't find anything online or on YouTube that anybody else was doing. Sounds like I'm gonna create YouTube videos and I'm gonna write down everything that I do and however it goes, it goes at it just happened to be that it's it became the thing that I was like, okay, this is something that I can do, and it'll it's something I could share with people how to go about doing this. And it really is making a humongous difference as far as for my classes, engagements, but also just the. The ability for my students to go to stay in the Spanish language, which was a big push that I wanted to make sure happened. He is selling himself short a little bit that he used. Mine also teach Spanish. It's crazy. Yeah, that's actually that was via moments with game affiliation is so Mike, you're talking about some hero worship, Glenn. I'm gonna take this opportunity here. Gamification was always something that I remember playing reader rabbit in school, and I thought I thought that that was that was like the pinnacle of one end and then seeing what you've done with Minecraft to teach teach the human body in Spanish. Okay. Bill, giant human body in Minecraft, and then build a a roller coaster, a working roller coaster that goes around that all all that. And then you videotaped it and everything that was. I mean that that was definitely..

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