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Designers academia. You name it. There's no reason that we shouldn't be able to reflect what the us census look like So you know a glad that you guys dwayne the Movement over at new england college optometry And i'm glad that dr howard sale sign at thirteen percent promise because he is seeing a difference at his school because he signed it guys supported it and I hope to see more work with you. Guys in industry aside goes by. Now you know i know you're not just doing the the work diversity over at new england college tommichi but you're also involved in some other programs. I mean there's this Program out there known as the pupils project I would love to hear what you doing. Any eyecare industry with the pupils project and how england college of optometry is actually evolve with that as well absolutely non so going back to the day that we launched. We introduced our bypass. Give a pair program. Where for every pair of glasses we sell distribute a pair to someone in need and we distribute over a million pairs of glasses throughout our history and most of those classes have gone have been distributed through international partners in countries ranging from guatemala to to bangladesh and Those nonprofit partners are having a very significant impact and we're excited to continue to scale those efforts. We also recognize that. There's a huge need in our own backyard in york city alone It's the country's largest public school system. There are one point one million public school students. We estimate that there are two hundred thousand kids who need glasses. That don't have access to them in. It's primarily students in low income areas in in many of those students don't know that they have a vision needs Some of them just disengaging school summer misdiagnosed with special needs And so In two thousand fifteen. We kicked a program called people's project along with the mayor's office in new york where we would go into Schools around at the new york area provide free vision tests at free eye exams and then offer africa's to any student who needs them. And i we sense. Expanded that program To a few other cities. Baltimore philadelphia in boston and Netco was a great partner When we piloted that program in boston just before the pandemic It was very successful but Of course the pandemic through a ball in everyone's plans including Our plan to to scale this program In the city of boston in a number of other areas but we are excited For this Next coming school year To be able to re-engage with students and provide a lot more glasses to you need them awesome awesome in. You've teamed up with some big names for this project as well right yeah absolutely No we work with You know in boston in particular Regret the boston public school system. Twenty twenty on-site netco and prevent blindness to provide students in a number of schools. I with free eye exams and provide free glasses.

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