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To you on wednesday august twenty fifth after the first day of giants patriots joint practices in foxborough. Massachusetts was a sweltering hot day in foxborough as the giants and the patriots practiced for more than two hours in a practice. That saw a lot of eleven on eleven and seven on seven work really good work for both teams The big big news of the day was of course that giants cornerback. Dorie jackson signed to a three year. Thirty nine million dollar contract during the off season to Occupy the corner opposite. James bradbury for the giants left practice with a left ankle injury. Severity of that injury is unknown. I know further tests are going to be performed the reports that i've seen an heard indicate that the giants think that jackson will be back for the season opener against the denver broncos on september twelfth almost three weeks away. But we don't know how these things go. you know. Injuries are weird. I mean when. Kenny golladay got hurt at the beginning of august. They told us that That it wouldn't be long that it was a mild hamstring strain in that he'd be back soon and here. We are near. The end of august in golladay hasn't practiced yet so it's a concerning injury for the giants who who sang jackson for a reason they signed him. Because the cornerback situation opposite. James bradberry wasn't good last year. The giants went through corey ballantyne. They went through isaac yada them. They used julian. Lov the also used ryan lewis at at at points last year and none of those guys really proved one hundred percent satisfactory as starting cornerbacks opposite bradberry. Giants played far more zone a year ago because of that then they wanted to and and jackson's presence is expected to allow them to play a lot more man to man to be a lot more aggressive in the secondary so hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later. Hopefully that injury is not incredibly serious soup but we will have to see that injury did point out something that we've been looking at with the giants and that is that in truth. The cornerback depth. Really isn't there for the giants right now beyond bradberry jackson and starting slot. Cornerback darnay homes. You really don't have a whole heck of a lot at the moment you've got sixth round. Pick row derrius williams. Who's had a good training camp. A good preseason looks like a guy who could be a player at for the giants. But you don't really don't wanna put a heavy heavy starting load on his plate right away week one of his rookie season. He is a sixth round. Pick he does have a lot to learn. He competes he tackles. He plays hard. He can play outside. He can play the slot. He's shown a little bit of versatility to play safety but he's also given up his fair share completions throughout camp and the preseason still has a lot to learn still has a lot to adjust to as an nfl player and putting him out there for a heavy load of snaps during a regular season. Game is probably not a recipe for success beyond that. The giants traded a week. Gopher to corners. Josh jackson from the green bay packers in a trade for isaac bottom and kion cross in from the houston texans. We still really don't know a whole lot about those two players. we didn't see them in the cleveland. Browns preseason game really haven't seen them on the practice field at least as part of the defense to this point so not really sure if the giants expect those guys to be able to help. Rookie cornerback. aaron robinson remains on the pup list hasn't practiced beyond them. You have madre harper in sam bill and neither of those guys has really been impressive throughout training camp. Neither of those guys who are really expected to make the fifty three man roster in a week so unfortunately the jackson injury has pointed out that the giants really really need cornerback. Help with that in mind. Nick philosophy of big blue view took a look on wednesday at some cornerbacks that the giants could look at to supplement the position. So please check out biglou view checkout nick's story on on those corners as as we look at the giants and as we look at the way that they try to shape their fifty three man roster here in another week all right the other thing that the jackson injury pointed out. Is that when you look at the giants you have a dory jackson. You have kenny golladay. You have could derrius tony. You have saquon barkley sidelined. Although barclay is expected to practice on thursday wearing a red jersey. But we don't still don't know if barkley will be ready for week one against the broncos you can also throw john ross into that mix you can throw a couple of the rookies aaron robinson who we mentioned already ellison smith in addition to ca- derrius. Tony and what you have here. Kyle rudolph who is just coming back from his foot injury and who practiced for the first time on wednesday. Did some individual drills. Wouldn't commit to being ready for week. One against the against the broncos what you have here with the giants is a situation where all of the players who were added to this roster to upgrade the passing attack to upgrade the for the most part to upgrade the pass rush all of these players are currently unavailable thus when you look at practice on wednesday it shouldn't be any surprise that the giants struggled really to complete passes in anything other than a short area of the field. They did okay in the red zone but they couldn't push the ball down the field. They were also in a practice. Where evan ingram and sterling. Shepard seemed to be having their snaps monitored so they weren't taking a full load of snaps but it's concerning less than three weeks away from the season opener that basically all of the players that the giants counted on to really and truly upgrade this roster are currently own available so daniel jones and company on the offensive side are still working with the same personnel for the most part that finished thirty first in the league offense a year ago so we shouldn't expect miracles when we watch these practices. It is what it is. The giants don't have their full complement of playmakers available. Right now we have to cross our fingers and that those guys will be available for week. One that they'll be available early in the season that they'll get enough practice time in fit. The offense isn't helter skelter and and and you know a mess when the season starts but right now things are a little bit concerning with the giants because so many of the key players they brought in hoping to upgrade this roster for twenty twenty one are currently unavailable. Alright a giants fans. What i wanna do right now is take a short break for a word from our sponsors here at sp nation. When we come back. I will be talking to ryan spag noli of sp. Nations pats pulpit. Who was also at the joint practice on wednesday and we'll chat with ryan and we'll get the new england perspective on what we saw on wednesday morning support for this episode comes from adidas. We all know when you go on your.

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