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Their latest research and recommendations. What's the first brand as a young girl growing up in chicago. That made an impact on you. What comes to mind is an unexpected answer. And i'm going to say wet and wild. Do you remember the brand wet and why they made one dollar. Eyeliner and lipsticks says a young girl. A gave me access to like all of these beauty products without having a lot of money I wouldn't say necessarily like high quality duty products. But i just wet and wild. That's all began their case. Hi i'm jim. Stengel and helped major brands find their purpose and activate it the prophets. Follow for seven years. I was the global marketing officer for proctor and gamble where i oversaw the marketing of hundreds of brands. You may not know it. But the cmo's chief marketing officers of all of your favorite brands are trying to connect you with your favorite products and services through purpose and on this show. I delve into how they do it my yesterday. And the cmo podcast is ac eggleston. Bracy the mvp and chief operating officer for the unilever north american beauty and personal care business unilever's roughly a sixty billion dollar company one of the top advertisers in the world with the stated purpose to work with people to make sustainable living commonplace top brands. Include dove acts links. Lifebuoy omo lipton elman's nor and about three hundred ninety other ones. Ac is a chicago native lives now in new york city for personal mantras. Passion power and enter anthem is run the world. By beyond say this is my conversation with my friend. A c eggleston brayson. Welcome to the cmo podcast. It is so good to see you again. It has been too long agree. Super nice to be here with jim and i see your face on zoom record this on a friday late afternoon early evening after a long week. These are all long weeks. Can you share with our listeners. Do you have a weekend ritual to chill to relax to renew or not. That's a great question My team always says how was your weekend. And i always answer every weekend's a good weekend so i love the weekend and the first part of the weekend is generally they're not scheduled or structured meetings. Although i do use the weekends to take meetings and other areas outside of work that are important to me or sometimes to connect with People without a schedule per se. But what i generally tried to do is make saturday a work. Free day and so Usually friday nights as a family. We'll have family. Dinner will do family movie and we might stay up late together as a family. So i'd like to sleep in and catch up on sleep because of course during the week we don't get as much sleep as we like and then i usually Start my day exercising. So i go to the jamrah. Ron or i'll take a walk and then because i do intermittent fasting. I'm usually famished by then. So at that point it's usually one or two And i grab something to eat in unusually run errands or connect with the friend. Take a walk these days. I've been walking central park. So let's meet up because it's safe and it's outdoors And then. I might have other meetings like that. I man sometimes usually after three or four. These are times. I'll use to like planning events planning an event now where this upcoming year is. The new york mayoral election. So we're doing a little bit of meet. The candidate so have several other pry projects Work on and then at saturday night. You know i might enough. I have a big work. Project might take some time to do. Some things connect with people but generally not on saturday So i love my weekends. And then i moved to sunday sunday I do use sundays. Moore's a work catch up day. Get ready for the week. But i still go through the same bit of exercise in the morning Spending some time with the family. But i tend to have more calls or things that i have to do and then just get ready for the week. I just love the flexibility. Of the weekend i love it. We have a lot to talk about. We could really do a whole series on you. But i wanna start back in chicago and i've seen you refer to your math teacher. Dad and your activist mother in some other. Could you speak about their impact on you. Yeah you asking. The question makes me smile because it brings me memories especially because of cova haven't seen my parents in more than a year. At this point i let being in new york and i'd last visited i want to say was january. February of twenty twenty. seven makes me smile My father Was called coach. Egg are my maiden name. As eggleston's mr egleston is a math teacher and he was the coach the basketball team and he taught at i would say in Underinvested in an underserved school and for any Was like a father for many of his students and i grew up with them at home because they were always over coach ache and my dad. He you know was committed. Math teacher and a coach ingest. A wonderful human being. I mean just a family person. My dad growing up. He was the one who would come to my to my gymnastics matches or my cheerleading competitions. That was my dad. Just like a family man. So that's my dad. And i picked up my love of math from him as a math teacher My mother Is a firecracker. Young feisty went to law school After she had had two kids and decided she wants to be a lawyer. Like you know she just decided in the world what she wanted to do and she do that and she was Both my parents are really activists always Champions for the community. My father.

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