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My face came out was that she was my glowing bob from our gender rich box. So what wasn't a one is called box sevenish. It was it was just right now. They have so many platforms where you could sold millions and millions of people could be exposed to your work overnight so and triple net loans. It's dope dope Something i thought was cool in the book that you you described the first time you met drake and he was very early in his career and you notice kind of the same sort of boss energy from him like you saw. This was somebody wanted. Make it right. I most definitely saying at a drag understood of course. I'm very musical artists when it comes to my production when it comes to sal when it comes to vibes you know that's one thing. I've always been nor applauded for. And when i got the collaborate with trait asada he could accommodate all that whether if it was harmonizing singing tap into the armed be going into the rats talking shit. Muslim lay back world. You know Vibe cyber shouldn't and that's what made him me and him really click because i love music right there. Let's come and he had all divide that could accommodated so instead of me. Just having a car. Ron wise percent met them drake right there. I mean so. I think that's what made our collaboration superdome. Lemme y'all been working together for years now to at this point. Yeah without a doubt for years now and collapse always been dope a relationship always been you know some more about me drake. We always applauded other appreciated each other. I remember going to my crib or the brand rolex in the box that rosie. I just wanted to tell you know man on vice versa yemen. As rumors album. They got together yes still. It's still almost but the is it a possibility. Of course it wouldn't even watch you know talking about another kind of point that you made in the book and you kinda touched on this earlier you know it was. It's about you know treating her life as though you're the ceo of your life and you you are doing performance reviews on yourself without a doubt without a doubt how you serve at the end of the day. How did i do today. It i do my very best. Because that's s. actually the goal. You wanna do very best because that can make a huge difference in the end results. I wanna do my very best way hustled. In the way. I did lead not nothing on the table. Yoed i wanna lead unknown a tape. That was my attitude. When i came in the game and when i look back at my appears in a once was next to the ones who soul five times more records and being wiser such shoes difference in the way you know while mine's such you know and understand now lead. The table was a lot of tuesdays wednesdays. Thursday united states said at home. When i was out network in kicking it with deejays with the fans get new records broken clubs and it really paid off and will pay off after fifteen years..

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