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Look up look down and look around. There is no sure situation they need to make sure that they are safe as well and provide for. For their own safety hazard. Trees can be hard to identify McLean says some firefighters will knock on them kind of like supermarket shoppers due to watermelons if a tree sounds hollow. It could be bad news fire science, professor Scott Stevens at UC Berkley says different kinds of trees. Pose different challenges the pine in fir-trees around paradise often have high branches that fall off without warning. And then there are the oak trees, I would be very nervous about big oaks and potential for them to come down because he oaks a lot times have heart rot have rotten material inside the center a lot of times a smoldering fire in there for days and days and days, I've been around looks like that all of a sudden a week later, boom. It comes down the danger can persist a lot longer than a week Stephen says as burn trees that are strong now continue to deteriorate probably about your four five. They start to really get less structurally sound. And of course, you get a wind event big storms, and they start coming down at Ernest and by your ten they're coming down a great deal. Public safety agencies like Cal fire generally cut down hazard trees, immediately after a fire, then it's up to individual property owners to take care of trees that may be problematic longer term. Stevens says fire insurance policies often cover the expense of hiring professional crews to do the dangerous work. I would not advocate for anybody to do this work on their own. It's quite a skill quite an art form frankly to get a big tree to drop where you want. It. Stephen says he's worried about how many people in and around paradise have fire insurance. He says sometimes counties are other jurisdictions will pool resources to contract with professional tree followers to work at community scale timber mills can process a lot of fire killed trees into useful lumber. But timber companies are generally only interested in burned areas outside of town where they can salvage logs efficiently. Stevens says logistics make it unlikely that small property owners will be able to sell dead trees to offset the cost of cutting them down. Machines in there to collect these materials having all burned debris cars road infrastructure down power lines. So it's very difficult for someone to come in and really use that as a viable alternative like the campfire itself. Trees killed by the fire are at first dangerous and unpredictable and then become an expensive headache for years to come for NPR news. I'm Eric Whitney the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine is escalating on Sunday, the Russian coastguards stopped and seized three. Ukrainian naval vessels, passing off the coast of Crimea that in turn triggered protests in Ukraine. The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting about the situation today. NPR's Lucian Kim reports from Moscow when Russia seized Crimea in twenty fourteen it took control over both sides of the Kerch strait a narrow bottleneck connecting the Black Sea to the much smaller. Sea of Azov in May, President Putin personally opened a bridge over the Kerch strait, connecting the Crimean peninsula to the Russian mainland. The twelve mile long Kirch bridge has become a symbol of Russia's claim to Crimea, which Ukraine practically every other country in the world refuse to recognize. On Sunday Russia dispatched warplanes to patrol the area after the cranium navy tried to send three vessels through the Kerch strait. Meaning they'd have to pass under Putin's Newbridge Russia. Rammed one of the boats opened fire on the other two and seized all three vessels along with their crews conflicting reports at three or six Ukrainian crew members sustained injuries during the clash. Spokesman FSP Russia's federal security service to the Ukrainian vessels were violating Russian territorial waters and had to be stopped Ukraine is already waging a low level war against Kremlin-backed fighters in the eastern part of the country after the naval clash Ukrainian, president petro. Persian Gulf called a late night meeting with top security officials in Kiev. We only would ask parliament to approve the imposition of martial law. Open Russian aggression, martial law with allowing unpopular partial to postpone presidential elections in March Russian state television said per shaneco provoked the incident in the Kerch strait as a pretext to cancel the elections and possibly to scuttle an expected meeting between.

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