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Home yeah there to me it's the it's you're you're comfortable your relaxed you can pause it you could do all kinds of things in the movie house you know that that that was date day when i was a kid from did you go to the drive in movies oh yeah yeah yeah couple of them are coming back but them driveins the properties too expensive you can't make enough money with a drivein pink people still have date day that's going away that's like for married couples right there was a study a couple of weeks ago that younger kids are not dating like we used to and is thus becoming pasay i mean if everything's changing right now the release of new world bank's michael in virginia beach virginia is with us welcome to the show michael thank you so much yours your thing an your aren't on uh they uh appro it very for halloween mine way rent financial quite under go wrong got one an imf your local affiliate ear uh in the uh and then where area yeah now this man is not like the the premium financial planner in america is these the guru yeah he's the guy that it rhyme or middle of the vendrell m all year retirement uh oh feature by going to congress get thing heading okay well when he come on man michael only one count raanan fair i've got a halloween hard story my ear hurt though.

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