Rape, Eubank, Lauren Murphy discussed on MMAjunkie Radio - Episode 2,537: Cub Swanson, Karyn Bryant, Marvin Vettori, Jason Buchamer


Yeah exactly you're feeling coup usually if you if you haven't even number of people going on to the stomach final quarterfinal round just burke fifteen usually rape that kind of how they match it up we'll hear going into the second round with eubank after version w leukemia at montana stewart ed mieko immortality oh blowing up the earth each other even though it just because with eating right and left another thing with the whole tournament style it matters were usually if it was just pick i'm bob rocket style there'd be he versus cleaned right so uh yeah and of course the beginning of the episode still had a little bit of residual with law lauren murphy still just basically not being the biggest uh eddie alvarez supporter uh eddie alvarez's putting the ladies through a tough strength and conditioning class and you know i'm thinking this is a former world champion not only in the ufc but it bell tour uh i mean an alltime great lightweight seriously and he's trying to just bring as much supporting cast you know the people that have helped him along the way no disrespect to lauren murphy what i meant is what you signed up four if you're going to be in the house you kind of the no the your dot bring your own coaches or your own training styles but at least try and learn you know get the work out of it's not for use just one workout you she's already technically out of it so uh i was i dunno i um i guess i'm a little bit on on the alvarez side here these last couple of weeks.

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