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Israelis deliberately let them grow while persecuting and and and oppressing everyone else so they amass sweeping roundup all the p. l. o. guys and leave the hamas out there and you know i think they helped finance them and the rest of that too and for the simple reason divide and conquer create a right wing religious alternative to the secular leaning. Plo common but they were somewhat leftist and the pflp and all that popular liberation front and all that and so just divide and conquer and they helped to sucker the rise of of of hamas in the first place and then. I got to say to sorry. Dave got these tangents there in my now. They're also great when ariel sharon murdered sheikh yaseen in the year. Two thousand and four data. What caused the riot. Influenza where the blackwater guards were hanged from the bridge. And then george. W bush sent james madison. The marines to kill hundreds and hundreds of civilians in the giant battle of volusia in the spring of two thousand four that really touched off the sunni based insurgency in iraq war to was all because of the israelis murdering an old man in a wheelchair with cruise missile. These things are sticky. Yeah man so listen. They're they're doing this. Ethnic cleansing campaign in east jerusalem. Then on the last day of ramadan netanyahu sent the security forces to attack the people praying at the al aqsa mosque and you. I don't know who threw the first rock or who shot the first stone. Grenade or what. Maybe a palestinian through iraq. I but it was a massive security force provocation in the first place and then the next day they did it again. This was one week ago last friday. And then the next day on saturday did it again. They injured three hundred. People are a bunch of women praying in there and go in there with flashbang grenades and smoke bombs and rubber bullets in this kind of thing and three hundred people were wounded in the deal and hamas then a warning and said if you don't get your forces off of the dome of the rock or the al aqsa mosque compound by this time tonight. We're going to shoot some rockets at us. And so then that was what happened. And then it was. I think it was last sunday night monday morning. Or maybe it was monday night. Tuesday morning was when hamas started firing the rockets but this is step four on the chain of events. Here is not the beginning of this thing and then you know. It's understandable that americans. This is the line from a better. Get this right my speech tonight. This is the line that robert higgs used about. World war two and franklin roosevelt. Whenever they tell the history of the story they always truncated the antecedents in other words. Yeah you know what. Japan attacked us. And then we had kick their ass. Well also other stuff happened before that that you might need to know about right and so it's the same thing here where they go. Look what would you do a moscow's firing rockets at you. Nothing and it's just look if you shop at a fistfight and you don't know who swung i just pick like the guy where the closest skin color yours or not willing to to yourself that you actually. I just got here. And i don't know who hit first and then and then football and that the fact that like look there could be somebody who lives like in you know as a real good job has a real nice family. Has you know has like lives a life similar to the life that you live and has the same skin color as you and there could be somebody who's like has a different skin color than you and lives in like a fucking shack and has a very different culture than you and you'd probably be a lot more judgmental about the way they run their life but it's still also possible that the first guy starts a fight with the second guy that is still a possible thing even know you could be like no even though this guys more similar to me and this is a whole different world that that could be the case and if you look at it and by the way sixty percent of the israeli jews look just like arabs. Did you know that it's only the ruling. Caste twenty percent of the top of the oscar. Nause jews from europe while. That's where okay so if you want to be a big big at about it and the browns side. How about the palestinian christians if an arab is a christian is half a human. Then you care about them at offi praises same. Jesus on christmas you. I look at it like it's as if i don't know in some analogy like you know the pre israeli relationship with with the muslims in palestine. Whatever predating the creation of israel is almost like. It's like if i'm the jew and you would i am and And i rent a room out in your house. And i were in a room there. You got like a nice big house and you rent a room and we're kind of like getting along fine like i'm renting a room there and there's and then it's kind of like some outside body decides our actually going to split this old house fifty fifty and you're like excuse me like what no that's not and then i invite my whole family and they start moving your family down to like half the house and have to have moving into and before you know the basic your your garage with your family and actually now i'm going to rate into your garage and check that everything's going the right way and then be like key. Believe scott tried to throw a punch at me. When i came into his garage. Did he give you permission to come in the garage. Like no no i just. I reserve the right to come into the garage. Whenever i want to write even though that's his and like i mean you know at that point so not just in the fist fight analogy but you have to have some context here where this is not just a fight. That came out of nowhere. This is a fight from people who have been pushed into the garage of this region. And if we're not here about robert rights they had the majority claim of this land. And like you said they've already kind of given up on all of that and we just have gaza and the west bank and we just at least have that be hours but the truth is from the libertarian. Starting point they the un had no right to even initially give the jews that much of the property. That didn't own is did the british..

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