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Rex Reid, Breckenridge, David Lynch discussed on Doug Loves Movies - Rod Lurie, Samm Levine and Clarke Wolfe guest


Some people think is a comedy i don't i couldn't find it is it possible this could be like a pink flamingo situation that's what i'm saying we're like twenty years from now people look back at it completely differently than they did on i heard that listen those critics like rex reid who say worst film of the century he doesn't know what a bad movie is because there were that one these in my breckenridge well but even eat but even though one even that what what a bad movie is to me is a movie the doesn't care right it just being made just get your money i saw a couple of trailers this weekend for some of the big action or superhero movies and they're just grinding the mountains sucking un and that's a bad movie that's a lazy movie one thing mother is not is lazy movies trying to add these trying to be something and whether an that guy's a genius whether or not he succeeds is something else but nobody ever considered a genius who is not once thought to be crazy so you know to me it's like a david lynch foam without the without the logic whoa without ends without the pause is the slow parts because mother does why that's happening the whole time do that's that's excellent i'm going to steal their i'm going to tweet that out of your but i'm gonna tell you i just restated legitimate mother leads the baby david lynch film without the pauses that's exactly look very good she'll be film critic.

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