The battle over Chinese tech might not change under a Biden administration


One thing. The biden administration will inherit when it comes into. Office is a trade and tech war with china. President trump put all kinds of restrictions on american companies doing business with china on the use of technology from chinese companies like z. T. weiwei bans on chinese smartphone. Sales here and of course an executive order banning tiktok and we chat that still in court the moves were ostensibly about national security but also an effort to keep china from developing the next generation of technology. Faster than the us. Sam sacks is a cyber fellow at the nonprofit new america and a research scholar at yale. I asked her what. Us china tech relations are like right now. I think it's just creating this. Uncertainty are us companies going to have to choose. They want to tap into essential founding to bring home manufacturing to the united states or they want to choose to be in china at tap into gusty or policy in china. And it's kind of creating a sort of zero sum environment for business. The what does that mean for the incoming biden administration. What might we see. Around these restrictions via administration one wants to shift away from a unilateral approach going to partners and allies in europe. And saying hey if you don't ban away from your networks we're not going to share intelligence with you anymore. I think we're going to still see a hard line. Approach on companies like wow way but the intent is to do it with other countries The challenge here with the multilateral approach is here's a real digital divide across the atlantic right now and european officials have basically said we're just as concerned about the unregulated power of silicon valley companies as we are about authoritarian Coming from china one had bridged. At digital chasm and to there are countries in europe that are really dependent on chinese exports and it actually double down or invest in rnd china interesting so the biden administration may attempt to pursue a more multilateral approach. But find that the isolation is kind of embedded. it's not as global and effort as as we thought. I think they're going to have to really walk back from the isolationism under the trump administration. And also i think get our own house in order when it comes to technology policy european concerns about in the us have to do with things like however regulating privacy and anti and surveillance here. Which sundays are bigger issues than just china. So we have to find alignment on those grounds before. We can begin to work with europe as a counterweight to china. What has china done in the interim to become an even more important supplier to other parts of the world by placing these restrictions on china. Did the us actually force china to kickstart more of its own technology. Chinese government has long talked about weaned off of reliance on foreign technology and they throw billions of dollars in a lot of policy support at industries like semiconductors but then they haven't really succeeded at doing it. I think what happened though. Is the Away these were wakeup calls. That said you know what. It's this is a national security issue if companies like wal wait get embargoed from chips and software so. Let's make sure we do this right. And we've seen as a doubling down on china's efforts to wean off foreign technology. You know maybe time around will be successful. It's been studying in the past though. And then what about strategically growing the tech sector in the us moving semiconductor development to the united states. Being less reliant on that chinese supply chain. Have we seen that. Start to expect it to continue jill really early days. So there's a number of bills making their way through congress which would create more incentives for us companies to invest in our d. manufacturing. At home. you know this is one of the areas. I think where a divided congress might actually make some progress China has had made in china twenty twenty-five baited america. Twenty twenty five may come back around and particularly if you're happy. Gop led senate where they're going to try to block a lot of up biden initiatives american industrial policy might be the one area where they kindergarten. What about tiktok do you think we're gonna get to keep it biden administration probably thanks. There are bigger data security risks out there than tiktok one and two. There's a real concern about the overuse of executive authority. The problem is that it really politically difficult to stand. Our the litigation. That's going on. I think politically will be hard for the biden administration to withdraw that case even if they think there's bigger fish to fry and there are a lot of problems that come with setting a precedent like bannon and appalachia talk. But it's not going to be easy to do. I don't think will be top of his agenda.

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