Miami’s Jackson Health System will be among first to receive Pfizer coronavirus vaccine


The us death toll from coronavirus has reached two hundred fifty thousand but we have a vaccine and two hospitals in south florida receiving it. I don't usually get the ever. Get the flu vaccine. But i would probably get this vaccine. This kobe thing is no joke. You seen kovin toes. Oh god oh no. Don't go there. it's so bad anyway. but this band name covert does have to be a punk band. Yes is vaccine. Will be available at miami's jackson memorial hospital and also Fort lauderdale's memorial regional medical center. And this is the chief of critical medicine at memorial. His name is dr sarah alley and he warns. The vaccine is not a magic bullet. I think that the initial that is reported from the vaccine is very encouraging. However i think that's only one piece of the puzzle. Okay you know. What does the public any good to drop water on this right down. Shut off pretty amazing that it's come out so quickly. It's a it's incredible. It's one of our greatest american accomplishments. Not ever forget that so it should be available to people over sixty five down. The higher end mental also healthcare workers initially

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