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And while this by the way while they went after, while also, Wallace had a tough game. He you know he He struggled in that game. But Wallace is the field corner and white is the boundary corner. They do not match up. Greg, Let's talk about Washington. You know, they got four first round picks on that d line. Chase. Young gets all the headlines, but I'm a huge Montez sweat fan. This is a team that That bullet is less than you know, 30% of the time. And yet they're third in the league with sacks. They got 36 12 games. What is their D line? Look like to you Who's the guy that's getting doubled most often. Well, it's a really good deal lined. I mean, the guy you didn't mention who I think is outstanding, Mr Ron pain and then we haven't even mentioned Jonathan Allen, who's a really good player, too. So they're They're very, very difficulty. It, uh to play against because each guy can win individually, So you know, you have to decide how you want to protect, you know, um When they line up. You know if they're gonna line up in their sub package, where you pretty much line up with Ah, pain and Alan over guards and then sweat and young outside, then you simply have to decide who's the center going to slide, too? And that can be be any number. You know that's based on a plate call, so you have to decide that you know, pain is also really good running stunts as the Looper where the end is actually the picker and he goes first. Contain loops around pain for a guy with that body type is really flexible, so they pose a lot of problems. Now. They didn't sack been Rafa's burger because Ben Roethlisberger just gets rid of the ball so quickly, but They've added some blitz packages over the last month or so that have been really effective. And you know, you know me. I watched the tape. So when I say something I'm not trying to be bolder, controversial. But since Landon Collins went out with the Achilles for the season, they've been playing number 31 Cameron curl at that safety at strong safety. Yeah, I think you'd really better than lay down. You know, he jumped out really in in the Thanksgiving Day game he was, I think over the place. I think he's played better than Landon Collins, and I think he's given them more versatility and flexibility of the strong safety position. Great work. They're from Greg Cosell, Adam Copeland, former Superball champion Dennis Brown and John Warren will be talking more about the football team from Washington. That game kicks off right here on KNBR 145. And 6 80 at 1 25 from Glendale, Arizona. Plenty more coming up can be are one of 45 and 6 80 year listening to the sports leader after the week month.

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