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Unauthorized substance during a field training exercise at Fort Bliss in Texas. This happened yesterday afternoon. Two of the soldiers are in critical condition and all are being traded A treated at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso. Fort Bliss says the soldiers became ill after eating something acquired outside of the food supply distribution channels. Unclear what that substance was. Retired D C police chief Peter Newsom starts his new job leading Prince William County's department on Monday, but some are already calling him for calling for him rather to be fired. Now he's responding to those critics in the story. You're hearing first on double D T O P. Peter Newsom says it's incumbent upon him to hear from and talk with critics. It's gonna be my responsibility to get together with those folks and let him know who Pete knew Shin really is. Let him know what I'm all about. He knows non whites have historically been underrepresented in the Prince William County Police Department. A number of folks in the community have raised concerns about the department. Not being diverse enough. I'm a true believer that your police Department. Diversity Wise needs to reflect the community that they serve. Newsome hopes to let young people of color no policing the profession you can come into be proud of, and 30 years later, look back and feel you did something worthwhile. Me log unstained. W T O P. NEWS. A local police officers in the hospital and a 12 year old kid is under arrest after a wild morning police chief involving stolen cars. It all started right around here in district Heights, near the intersection of Marlboro Pike and Brooks. Dr. Prince George's County Police tell us they had pulled over a pair of stolen cars around 1 A.m. when a 12 year old behind the wheel of one of them suddenly shifted back into reverse and slaved in new cop behind him, pinning the officer against another car. The kid then took off, making his way in the Southeast D C before getting pulled over along Pennsylvania.

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