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But this week's interview we're incredibly excited to welcome our dear friend. Spencer ackerman a daily beast contributing editor an award. Winning national security and foreign policy reporter and author of the musk's reads subject newsletter forever. Wars spencer is out now with the new book. Courtesy of penguin random house titled reign of terror how nine eleven era e stabilized america and produced trump. It is a maddening and richly reported. Ride through the last two decades of both republican and democratic complicity in shaping our current domestic political arrangements while also waging horror and bloodbaths brought but the most impressive thing about spencer is that he also served as a consultant on armando. You knew keys. Two thousand nine satire in the which is the single best movie ever made about the iraq invasion and war and is essential viewing for devotees of the fever dreams lifestyle. You can follow spencer at attack human on twitter dot com and you can stay up to date on his latest reporting and essays on sub stack at forever. Wars goes without saying that if you haven't bought his new book reign of terror yet. Please put this podcast on pause and go out and buy it now spencer. Welcome to fever dreams. How's the book tour going in the era of in nineteen. Thank you so much swim. That was incredibly sweeter view. It's great to be back with you and will. It's like being back in the news room only with no aggravation because i don't have any responsibility anymore as for the book door. The actual tour is entirely delayed because of delta. It's a weird thing that now i can talk about. But if you don't like my book you might still like the historian and now new york times bestselling author mike. Dunkin who's excellent podcasts. The history of rome and revolutions are some of the best times on the internet. You'll have with history. He's book hero of two worlds a revival of the marquis lafayette for the twenty first century. Mike and i are going to be doing tour together. We had planned is going to be a weird thing so it should be fun because we don't we're to middle aged dads who've been stuck inside for so long. Mike basically wrote a punk rock opera about the french revolution..

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