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If you just want to type it into your computer, most likely at work. But don't worry, you just pop up the screensaver when your boss walks by. 8 four four two O four rich is the number to dial. The parade's going on right now. Everybody's going crazy. I'm watching Kelsey signing autographs for fans. A lot of fun. For the Kansas City Chiefs, and oh, there he is. There's Kelsey with his mom. Loved meeting Donna and Ed this past weekend too, right? We had them on our rich eisen show big game bonus special as we called it on the Roku channel. They had a week. They are the biggest celebrities and Phoenix it felt like. Good for them. Like Travis told his mom, like best week of your life best year of my life. Love it. You know, there's lots of talk that Patrick Mahomes, his wife is demanding an apology from the critics of the chiefs and pundits who picked against him. I kind of, I kind of, I'm on both camps, right? I chose the Raiders to beat the chiefs in the AFC west, but then did a nice little heel turn. Pick the chiefs to win the AFC championship game and the Super Bowl. Lone wolf? On the set of NFL game day morning the AFC championship game mooch chose against both times. Turned his back on it. Nobody on the Fox had picked the cheese. I heard that. It all went eagles. I heard that. And Nate burleson, who chose the chiefs along with me on the set of NFL gaming morning on Sunday and nailed the final score 38 35 and nailed it was going to be mahomes winning the MVP. He's joining us in about 15 minutes time right here. The story du jour in the NFL quarterback carousel while we're waiting for Aaron Rodgers decision and apparently the darkness therapy, it's not at all night all day thing. It's a four day thing and it's not a sitting alone in darkness thing. We did our redo of our coverage of his darkness therapy in our number one because we were kind of what's the word for it way off yesterday. Because he gave the details while we were on the air while he was on patch show. So while we're waiting for that, the story and the quarterback carousel, it's already started to spin because Derek Carr is now a free agent. We knew it, guys. We knew it. The minute we heard, coming off of that Christmas Eve game that I called on NFL network in Pittsburgh, where the Raiders were up. Again, and they couldn't hold on to the lead again. And car through a couple of interceptions, including his last pass as a raider. Was an interception. And that they sent him home. And they wanted to see what they had in Jared Stidham. As soon as you heard that, and then you heard the news about how the Tuesday after the Super Bowl at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, the Raiders had to either pay him or guarantee him the $40 million for this year or cut him. You knew when they had sent him home, this was the end. This was the absolute end. Now the Raiders to their credit made it sound like, oh, we could trade him. Entirely possible we could trade him. And it's just like, well, what was going to acquire a $40 million contract who's going to acquire that when we know you're not going to pay him that? By the evidence that you've sent him home, you're not going to risk him getting injured in the final two games of the year, clearly intend to no longer play him anymore. So why are we going to acquire this and give you draft capital and we could just get him for nothing when he's a free agent. Other than obviously having to pay him his salary, but no compensation comes to you. And why would Derek Carr accept a trade somewhere else with a renegotiated contract when he could just sign a new contract with the team? And leave the Raiders empty handed. Certainly one would think that's the way he would feel, I would prefer to leave the Raiders empty handed at the end of this since I was sent home for Christmas. And that's where it all played out. So now he is a free agent. And I. Have a top 5 list. Oh, for you. Top 5 places where Derek Carr would fit best. Hit it. Number 5 on the list. They need one. I believe they need one. It's entirely possible they could still stick with the guy that they have there. But the Tennessee Titans wouldn't be a bad spot. Oh, Tennessee Titans wouldn't be a bad spot

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