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On Wednesday. Very guilty about forgetting this game in our run sheet. Iowa State started their backup Zab Noland because Kyle Kemp was injured last week and he threw for three hundred sixty yards. Iowa State remained plucky. It feels to me like regardless of situation, they're gonna fight you and that was the story here. Even after Oklahoma jumped out to a big lead seventeen to nothing early. See, I think calling Iowa State plucky I won't say under cells or misrepresents, but I don't know if it tells the full story because I thought offense with a backup quarterback, who lot of people consider to be not necessarily better than the starter, but perhaps has more armed talent than Kyle camped. I think Cal come to the more steadying influence perhaps on this offense. But the connection between zip Nolan and saying, it's Akeem Butler, especially if you saw his, I think it was the first touchdown catch. She had. Where he just ran through five or six Sooners. He made them look silly and so cool. The CIO a state replacing Duke of his art Allen Lazard with number number one quality receiver in came Butler who almost two hundred yards. Yeah, on Oklahoma. So there is something and I thought David Montgomery did a very nice job early on carrying this offense across the field. Multiple times I was state is full on pretty good. This is this is not a. I mean I don't. I don't. I can't be in your head when you say plucky know what you mean by that, but I am fine with saying, I will say it's a pretty good team under Matt Campbell, even with a backup quarterback. Not missile. Here's a thing. Okay, fair enough. Then that's fair criticism. Yeah, I state was a eighteen point dog in this game now and they didn't play like an eighteen point dog. No, they never in eighteenth traded haymakers. Yeah, it doesn't matter who they're playing. They're just always in the game. So if plucky is the wrong word for it, if we're playing semantics and that's fine. But I to impressed with Isla state, they gave Oklahoma game even if they don't win. They're gonna give you a game. The problem for Iowa State is just collar. Murray's Tim good as ridiculous out a second to talk about collar. Murray as Mack Brown likes the collar Murray, three forty, eight and three touchdowns fourteen carries eighty six yards on the ground, a monster game for Cuyler Murray and equally monstrous game for marquees Brown. Nine catches.

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