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Matthew bowling in late four leading from start to finish. Anna battle for second. Third. Look like Hewitt finished third Ken Landy second. Because. Officially. Matthew nine point nine eight see the crowd the crowd gets it jackass or the microphone dozen boom goes the dynamite Gaza dynamite. So yeah. So they're calling the white lightning. Which by the way is a really good moniker unless it's one you get after prom from your date. So he should be happy that he got it early throwing that out there. All right. So we have that in other sporting news. In addition to that Saturday on Sunday, another amazing feat. In the women's powerlifting event. They had a big basically a powerlift about Mary, Gregory broke not one not two not three but four world records in the women's squat bench press dead lift and scored a masters world total record. So a combination of the points four world records shattered by one female powerlifter on Sunday at a single event. So that's that's pretty amazing too. Isn't it? Four world records in one day. I don't sure Zubi. Didn't do it. I I'm sorry Zubi. The also on Twitter as the guy you said hip, hop guy from the UK, right and works. You can tell the guy that works out. You guys one guy that guy works out? Well, he recently he crushed look at dews like crush the female record. And it went viral. He was Tucker. I believe he's on FOX friends. He was all over FOX. Yeah. But he did it to make a point. He did. Right. Because when he did it he he broke these records identifying a woman he said at this moment in time right now, I'm making this video. I am identifying the woman and he destroyed dead lifted destroyed the records he did something else too. He broke his second record. I can't remember what category it was in. So not only did. Well, you know, what that's somebody who was doing it as a joke. Ross right. So Mary, Gregory ninety four world records one nine of nine for the various events that helps set the masters world record portion of it before world. Records. Destroyed not even club. Right. But he. But it's a dude raise actually, dude. No now physicality himself Mary, but he was still born with the guy's body. Yeah. That is true men and women are built differently. He's breaking don't bust. That's true. Come on, man. So Zubi didn't break the record because he was being sarcastic making a joke in a stupid point. But this person's doing. Joe is making. So these are actual records that they're singer being broken. But Zubi didn't change soobee name is. Oh, do you have to do that? I don't know. But this this individual do they have. The other name up here. So anyway, so yes, the this'll be the raw powerlifting federation of the sanction events for the world record stand. Four of them destroyed. Destroyed. So how about that? Ross had his mind blown earlier when we when he found out that eight may fighter actually did this and. Fought a woman and hit or so hardy brokers skull will. Yeah. That was my point. And I didn't know that had already been done because sports said Alan, FOX. Yeah. I said this person in powerlifting is breaking these female records. But he still he was born. So do break in these records. And I said you wouldn't want to see someone and say you have see her cage fighting in the cage who is actually dude with with female competitor. Right. Because he would crack their skulls like, you wouldn't know literally broke her skull. You wouldn't wanna see this? And it was pointed out by listener, a listener. No that's been done. And literally skulls have been cracked Joe Rogan went off on this a lot of crap this for what for what? And he knows his stuff. He's joe. Yeah. Right. He's in the cage. Yeah, bigot. He's a bit in the cage. That's right. So now those world records are smashed so prepare yourself for that. But for world records one day Coon by eight forty.

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