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Should I put the sinead plates island really only a funny joke if you know like pronouncing it like that so funny? That's that's what the fancy restaurants should do call Anyway so just to clarify. There's only a limited amount of plates Long distance he's committing restaurant. Crimes Zap it in and at a restaurant. He sits zaps in each meal. Real quick steals the the real silver finery from these like three star? Michelin restaurants Zaps away. One night they make tires my God. You are so funny yes. I mean that is the same company that makes tires. That does the restaurant reviews. Is this a real thing? I'm actually not just making a joke. They do tires and restaurant reviews. It's because Back in the day like they missed Michelin the Michelin Restaurant. Guide was being put out by Michelin the Tire Company for a drive across the country. And here's all these great restaurants and we review them. It's like part of their Their whole package and now they are like the place reviews. High Class FANCY RESTAURANTS. You know getting sooners. It's like you know who wrote those original reviews. David Shalini Boo Boo. Everyone's doing yeah Erin. Asking what is happening very long distance is on a heist and the thing that happens is when he zaps between plates he goes into this. Alternate dimension new. I might call it the negative zone. And he follows these long like threads that he he can kind of see and the way that he can tell what play he's GonNa jump into. He gets a little taste he gets the taste. What's on the plate that he's Zap into and that's that's kind of how he has an idea of what what restaurants. We haven't mentioned this before but he is a Gerbil we. We didn't bring that up before it. Relevant haven't hero is very much Gerbil art. This is not happening here. This is long distance. Fool long distances. The chairman had here was a hamster. You idiot okay. He clarity update so long distance. He's between plate and it takes some time to travel between these plates and he's planning on Zapping to a plate at a fancy restaurant New York and he he gets close to it and he he starts What's that poison hot sauce? And he liked veers away from it and he's like all right. I'll go to La. He gets a close to the plates in this. La this La Restaurant. He knows and he starts reaching out more poison. Hot Sauce everywhere. He turns every playoff poison. Hot Sauce poison hot sauce everywhere. Every portal out every play out poison. Hot Sauce you know. We can't jump out of those is he'll he'll be coated in poison hot sauce but here he finds one plate one plate finally. That's that's free of this poisonous off. He goes through it. Relieved leaps through and emerges in a jail cell with la La la lucrative and haven't hero standing right outside janning outside his cell or they're in the cell with their outside the cell. There's just a plate that the captured vigil. There's there's just a plate in the cell Yep so Lala Rossi capturing different villains for her own purposes cat played Lovett. Excellent update all right. What do you have? So this'll be our final update. Here I believe This is for. Cj The backup generator And This is going to be a little atypical. I'm just GonNa say I'm you know. Usually my updates are very direct. Very succinct very thought. Out this whole different. So Yep so. Cj One night falls asleep watching alita battle angel. He fell asleep within raced three to four minutes. Well then didn't take what he has many popcorn kernels as we remember. Cj Part of his power set he can create a little bit of static electricity in ign- generate just enough to create sentient Popcorn kernels co L. style colonels and One of them recognizing. Cj IS ASLEEP. And you know let's face it very very drunk decides that he's going to go out into the world and explore so he finds an open window. C. J. Alex fresh air. And he sneaks out the window and firm here. Colonel Rademacher hitches a ride. He goes across the grass cross lawn down the road he finds a pop corvette driving by. Hopson grabs onto the tail engine and he heads to the local pop corner bakery Just chill to relax to see the scene and Tom to H. Roy What is going on? Yeah to pretty standard chain profound mulic sandwiches and soup and stuff way is real. What is that like a city thing I don't know about or you may get big little country? Mouse POB corner bakery. Outset the pop corner in East. Wichita that's the only thing I see. You're you're lying to me. You've never his own corner bakery. This whole relationship built on all. I'm shutting this podcast. There's this year but you. You've never heard corner bakery. No please go on I would love to. I would love nothing more than to go on. So the Our Little Kernel Rademacher here enters and sees a gorgeous He first thing he's when he walks into the top corner. Bakery is gorgeous knockout sultry butter. Pack Okay Caesar standing there he is smitten as can be but unfortunately he notices that she is. She's with a guy right and she's already there. This clearly like cruel domineering. Big Role Big R. O. L. L. Sorry ZONED OUT FOR SECOND. This a an enormous sexy kernel of popcorn. No no no Kansas sultry butter packet. Oh please still sealed. Butter has not been exposed. Like let's offline be not delude as a giant like the sexy piece of popcorn about both. Yeah no I know what you're into this isn't about you so he sees this summer butter packet. He sees the domineering role. And he's still like well. I'm out in the world see doesn't less out a lot. I gotta go check things out. He walks over And Colonel Red macher asks. He's like hey how on like you know. What your names and the The sultry butter pack. He begins to answer. She's quayle. Hi My name is but then the role jumps in cuts her off and says I'm or villain and you're not welcome here. And they fight and a role and popcorn kernel thought on the floor of a Chicago Midwest Sandwich chain and to the casual observer might have just looked like a couple Couple crumbs rolling around the floor. But if you got closer and the popcorn kernel you would've seen that. It was one of the most epic battles of all time and they fought for hours. Which you know improper. Um Colonel Time is Is nearly a lifetime and at the end of this Orville? Lynn throws a blow body blow by blow at a Akron Becker and he knocks out. And when colonel read macro wakes up he's back out on the lawn he drags his old and decrepit intesne beaten body back to see his own pulls himself up in the window and He crawls in in crawls the bowl of the rest of the colonels and what says to the rest of the popcorn much younger sometimes. The bad guys went sometimes. Do the heroes always win. And then that's it and said you woke up he will and that's a day in the life of a one of the backup generators popcorn kernels. That's very good. Did you call way or villain Bredon Bacher? So there's Colonel Radin Bacher Okay and there's or villain the role but having heard you say that you know. Some edits could have been made one of my favorite one my favorites tropes of of doing these. Is You doing something and then me being like wait? Did you mean to say this? And you're like Shh. That's a better idea are yes. I didn't mean to say that markers pretty good of into that cat must leave go. Zach's cat is telling us. It is time to end the recording. Although I believe you have some erotica to read attic now don't be disgusting. This is this is just a fun family fiction. Although one family fiction that said Put the kids way. This is when the kids go to bed. Let me make sure I got all thing here all right. This is from Austin who is in the chat right now saying it's not sexual in all caps take from the author is from Austin stilt man carefully took off. One of his stills expanded it to maximum length. He had to walk several hundred feet away. Before he could lineup extended end with Rick's bottom squinting. His eyes he carefully judged the distance and force. It would take to apply a firm. Spank to the man's posterior. He drew a sharp a deep breath. Rotating from the hips and drove the stilt Ford with a powerful swing. You can't interrupt me. This wasn't erotica. It's not erotic. This is this is a moral cautionary tale. But what happens when you're little turn Blake Rick Jones? Get spanked dry up please. Continue drove is still powerful. Swing rix whole-body jarred with the impact and he felt that reverberate through his body alongside the crushing disappointment. He felt in himself. How could this have happened to me? He thought I was friends with Captain America. And now look at me just a boy being spanked by C. LISTERS. Stilt man satisfied with his work. Retracted is still and reattached. To his suit he extended his legs and quickly took just three steps to cover the distance back to rick as he moved he descended from the heavens and came to a stop just in front of the former leader of the Teen Brigade. I hope you know what you've done. Son Said stilt man. You deserve this for all. Your whining and moping. Rick frowned his face. Coloring an embarrassment evanger. He cried but to no avail. Stilt man turned his back on the CREA- hero and made his way off into the sunset. Rick shamefaced star to stand up. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see the hulk staring back at him. Not so fast. Little human grunted. The Hulk rix is widened in fear. Bruce I thought we were friends. The Hulk smiled at him. But there is no Mirth Banner Week Banner Not Spank Rick..

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