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Sacrifice people's lives or their health. Neither of the Children. Nor their parents who would be affected. Also, this is not, he told reporters, a political decision. Doctors and researchers have found that these sports particularly high school, sports and college sports. Without the proper mitigations without the proper prevention, etcetera that those sports are dangerous If other states want to risk young people's lives, that's their decision, he says. Craig Della, more news radio 105.9 FM pandemic is wreaked havoc on the state's budget, calling it a nightmare scenario. The governor's predicting a state and local budget cuts. Of the state does not receive financial help from Washington soon until that happens, you ever prescribe says and heads of state agency should start preparing for 5% budget cuts for this year and 10% cuts next year. The Cook County Medical examiner's office says the city and county have just passed the number of homicides recorded in all of last year. Total number of homicides so far this year as of 3, P.m. 680, the vast majority of those in the city of Chicago. The total for all of last year 675. The Cook County Medical examiner's office says the county and city are on a pace to exceed 900 homicides this year. That happened most recently in 2016. So far this year. 79% of Homicide victims were black 16% latte next Roughly nine out.

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