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Jennifer Gryphus Live in the WSB 24 hour news center with WSB stop stories this half hour, six people are dead and a dozen others hospitalized after a nitrogen line ruptured at a poultry. Processing plant in Hall County. But first CBS News Special Report more sad news today in the entertainment world. Actress Cicely Tyson has died at the age of 96. I look back at her career from reporter Jim Taylor, Sicily. Tyson's long career was on display in the TV miniseries Roots will give him Very good life and in the 1972 films Sounder, which earned her an Oscar nomination, David Lee time to get your bed son. And on stage in Broadway's the Trip to Bountiful When you live longer than your house and your family, you've lived too long. She was selective about her roles, turning down work that did not in her words, enhance humanity I wanted to address Certain issues, and I chose to use my career. My back for Cicely Tyson is now considered a pioneer for black actresses. She was happy that she made a difference, I'm told so every day again Actress Cicely Tyson dead at the age of 96 CBS News Special Report. I'm Steve Futterman and again. Six people killed in Gainesville today when a nitrogen line ruptured at a poultry processing plant in Hall County Firefighters rushed to the foundation Food group. After getting the call this morning employees, Jamil Farid says All he could see was fog. I was looking for my land leader..

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