UN Libya envoy reports on significant achievements towards peace

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This is matt well as you're news. Following a decade of political instability and conflict libyans are on the path to peace and the international community needs to do its part which includes respecting an arms embargo. Top official there said in an exclusive interview with our un news. Aerobic team stephanie. Williams acting special representative of the secretary general commended. The first round of political talks between the government of national accord in libyan national army held last week and she initiate ms williams spoke to my yakub about ongoing developments in libya. Since the signing of historic ceasefire agreed last month under the auspices of the un mission in the country. Un's mil which she had. A ceasefire agreement itself was really greeted of rate of ause across the via. Withings were so relieved to see more officers. Come together with very great sense of national responsibility and to reach across the table. Shake hands and really for the sake of libya start to take steps to To unify institutions to ease the conditions for average le'veon's and to really pave the way for the resumption of the political process. You have just concluded the first first-round of critical dialogue forum. Are you happy with the results. In how are the preparation for the second round going preparations for the second round or underway. I am very pleased with what happened here in tunis. Last week seventy five participants came the sach talk for some of them really the first time that they have come together since the revolutions twenty eleven over these long years of crisis and division and they to gingrich national responsibility an desire for reconciliation and desire to put the country on the right on the libyan to restore rabin decision making in socrates. They're very intensive day. They accomplished a lot. They decided that national elections should be held on december fourth. Twenty twenty one which marks seventieth anniversary of libya's independence. So what better day. For libyan's to come together to renew their institutions through credible inclusive and fair elections. They also agreed a national roadmap for a preparatory period leading up to elections they renamed. The perogatives are reformed presidency council and a separate premiership in unity government in. They also agreed the eligibility criteria for candidates to these positions. I am really pleased to say that of the seventy five participants. The women's participants really stood out. They came together as a block fairly early on in the process started working on a statement issued outline really a series of principles recommendation. She improving women's participation in the political process and governance. They demanded that remains should account for no west thirty percent of the leadership positions in the recently formed executive authority and that was also echoed in the roadmap which was consensually agreed by having participants. On the last day miss williams. You just mentioned the election. What will will on smell. In how how would smell facilitated so are we support of the higher national elections commission. Which is the national sovereign body in libya that is charged with organizing elections. We also work directly with the authorities in the government of national board to ensure that they support the h. neck through expanding. Its operations and i'm pleased to say that. The government of national forest has announced that they will on begin this much needed financing of the h neck. So we will stand with the libyan stand with the elections commission as they undertake the challenging. Work ahead to organize these much desired national elections. You also spoke about women. What is awesome The wing to ensure the representation and participation of libyan women the election. But also andy libyan seen in general so. We made sure that arabian women were strongly represented in the political dialogue. They are also were paraded in economic dialogue. And in terms of what we're doing you know we are facilitate Gender sensitive gender inclusive legislation to be taken out by the the libyan parliament. And that will we believe. Better enable access. Stir women candidates to office. And those who will no doubt be running. In the parliaments

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