Ice Cream vs. French Fries

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Hello kimchi. Hello thank you for being here. So kim t just to start off. I like to know. Do you love ice cream. yes. I love ice cream so good. What is your favorite flavor. Probably just straight up vanilla classic. Do you do toppings. I'm going to like chocolate and caramel phase. I think that just tastes really good right now so most likely chocolate caramel and are we a cup or cone. A cone conscious tastes really good. It's crunchy it goes so wealthy you and then when you eat down all the way to the bottom of the phone you have the little baby cone. I know so q. And what about french fries. Do you like french fries. Of course french fries is always a staple so good and do you have a place. You like to get french fries trauma you make them at home frozen ones. My mom actually makes them so. I like my mom's ones the best. That is amazing to live with a french fry. Find kim t. Do you ever get into debates about food. Yes with my sister. Can you remember any of the topics you've debated it's usually like someone's cooking to someone else's we have like. I dunno in bengali. Culture food is such a main thing that we talk about. So we'll compare like cooking's from different on that we have or like maybe our moms versus her dad's it's just really fun to talk about food and see what we don't like see. You are very familiar with judging food somewhat excellent so let's get our debaters in here today. Defending team ice cream will have tommy mcnamara. Hi tommy the low. So excited to be here. Tommy in just one sentence why is ice cream. The most awesome look the moment that ice cream hits your tongue. You are instantly transported to a sweet creamy flavour. Heaven where the clouds are made of whip cream. And the angels are also made of whipped. Oh man for all gonna come out of this hungry today. I know well. Now let's meet. Tommy's very fierce opponent here to wrap a-team french fries. It's britney carney. Hi de hi. Hello britney in a single sentence. Tell us why french fries are. The most fabulous. They are crunchy salty satisfying and eclectic. Few people on this planet. I know for a fact deny french fries unless they're specifically allergic to potatoes but that's still maybe relatively small fraction perfect well before we get started. Let's review the rounds of debate. Are debaters will compete in four high octane. Rounds of debate are judge. Kim t will award points to the winner of each round will start with the declaration of greatness where each debater has to present the coolest facts and stories about their side. Each team will also have thirty seconds to make rebuttal to poke holes in their opponents declaration. Then it's the micro around a creative challenge. Both debaters have prepared for it in advance. Then we've got the sneak attack. A surprise challenge to keep our debaters on their toes and last but not least the final six where both sides have just six words to win. Our judge over. Kimchi will award points as we go. But she won't reveal. The tally for the winner until the end of the debate. Alright kim t you have two points to award this round one for the best declaration of greatness and one for the best rebuttal. Are you ready. Yes awesome brittany and tommy. Are you ready yes excellent. then it's time for us. Declaration of greatness are debaters have come armed with the coolest facts history and arguments. We flipped a coin. And tommy. you're up. I give us the scoop. Why is ice cream. The coolest treat of them all. It's the hottest day of august. You're playing catch outside your sweaty and sunburned and exhausted not to mention hungry but then as if sent from heaven you hear a sound is that could it be. It is the greatest sound of summer the ice cream truck. You run as fast as you can. Too sweet sugary salvation.

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