Fasting Strategies for Weight Loss & Metabolism with Dr. Jason Fung


Walk everybody to fasting. Transformation summit or rear uncovering agent inexpensive powerful healing strategy. Known mankind fasting. I'm your host. Dr david joggers. And today we're gonna talk about alternate day. Fasting strategies for chronic disease brought in one of the top experts. He's actually got to bestselling books where he really goes into detail on fasting. He's all over youtube band. You could find him. You just type in dr jason on youtube. You'll see all these amazing nydia his and brought him on today to talk about alternate day fasting in really go into a little bit more the history of fasting as well so dr. Jason fung is a canadian nephrologist which is basically a kidney specialist. Dr fund graduated from the university of toronto and completed his residency at the university of california los angeles. He lives and works in toronto canada where he co founded the intensive dietary management grants is a world leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb Treating people with type two diabetes and is the author of the bestseller the obesity code and the complete guide. Fasting is high near the use of therapy Sassoon for weight loss and type two diabetes reversal in his. Ibm clinic and you can find his website ibm program that's all one word idea. Program dot com ad also featured on the diet. Dr dot com. And so dr jason. Thanks so much for being on the vast transformation summit with us. Thanks for having me great to be here absolutely and sought curious in how nephrologist how you really got involved with. Sassine will begin west. Well the the most common reason for kidney failure is type two diabetes and the thing about type two diabetes. It's really a reversible disease but it's not taking drugs that really reverses the disease if you take drugs if you take insulin really. You're not gonna get a lot better. In fact you just wind up taking them sort of year after year and every year you go to the doctor you get more and more drugs however Everybody already knows that if you lose weight that type two diabetes almost always goes away so if you have a friend who loses way you can almost bet your bottom dollar that diabetes will get better or go away so it's not a chronic and progressive disease like we've been told israeli irreversible disease but you've got to focus on what's important which is not giving drugs which is you know using the diet to effect weight loss. That's really where i started. So i became very interested in the question of weight loss and look at it from sort of physiologic standpoint. Because the thing about it is that we lost. There's all this Talk like this you know. No shortage of oxen talk about weight loss and how to lose weight. Big business weight watchers and jenny craig. And all that sorta stuff and they're all focused. I think on some things sort of not completely relevant. Which is the the calories there. They all talk about calories calories calories but when you look at it from physiologic stent white The body doesn't count calories it has no calorie receptors. Doesn't know how many calories you're eating so it's like if you're taking all this care to count the number of calories in your body doesn't really care about it at all then. Why do you think you're going to make a difference. You want the body to do something and you think restricting the number of calories does it with the body has no idea what you're talking about like you're talking to different languages so it doesn't it doesn't work and that's where i really got interested in the Sort of notion and it's really about hormones because the body responds to hormones are whole body works on hormones that is You know if you're hot then you sweat if you're cold than you. You know shiver and so on but all affected by hormones and our responses in this case in most cases of weight. It's insulin and one of the ways to really reduce the fun is to use something. Like fasting in intermittent

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