Union of Concerned Scientists' Dr. Rachel Cleetus Discusses What the Biden Administration Needs to Do to Address the Climate Catastrophe


To the healthcare policy podcast on the host. David intra cosso during this podcast discussed with the union of concerned. Scientists climate energy programs policy director. Dr rachel cletus. What the biden administration needs to address mitigate the effects of the worsening climate crisis. dr cletus. welcome to the program. Hello david thank you so much for having me. dr cletus. bile is of course posted on the podcast website. This is my fifteenth climate crisis related interview on background. The climate catastrophe continues to accelerate hemispheric carbon concentrations are now measured at four hundred seventeen parts per million the greatest concentration of carbon in our species existence. Not surprisingly there's a ninety nine percent chance. Twenty twenty will be among the top five warmest years. Two thirds chance for sixty six percent chance that will be the warmest year on record. This year is also experiencing a record-breaking atlantic hurricane and with thirty named storms to date and record breaking wildfires in the arctic that is warming at upwards of three times the rate of the rest of the planet the albedo effect from the loss of summarized will be equal to the release of one tree tons of carbon equivalents in the atmosphere. This amount approximates forty percent of all human caused ghg emissions. Since seventeen fifty in addition northern permafrost that holds almost twice as much carbon dioxide is currently in the atmosphere his thawing seventy years earlier than previously predicted the plan is also experiencing unprecedented biological violation. Vector-borne diseases including covid nineteen continued to proliferate and the trump administration in denying scientific reality has rescinded approximately one hundred environmental regulations that i discussed with sabin centers. Michael burger last may and finally listeners are where he federal court ruled earlier. This year. that americans do not have a constitutional right to survivable climate. So with that welcome. Dr cletus again were here discuss climate policy under the vitamin station. So before diving into that. A doctor cletus Regarding my brief assessment. Is there anything. You'd like to add or alternative. I can i alternatively i can ask the question. The union put out a document a few years ago called the title the world scientists warning to humanity. so if you prefer to answer The ladder what was in that warning. I think you've just made out a very thorough set of reality that were tainted with respect to the climate crisis. Things that climatize this morning house project are now actually happening around a severe climate crisis. If you're now it's no longer about some distant problem and it's affecting us here in the united states and around the world you mentioned the record breaking hurricane season we've seen the cocaine season moby seem pretty extraordinary type wounds on the other side of her world with the teams being. Hit back to back. In the last few weeks we've seen extraordinary heatwaves around the world in europe in asia flooding And see living wage which is inexhaustible continuing slow moving disaster that many low-lying things around the world are facing Including as in the us Especially in on that. He's been go goes. We're at a point. Now where we are rapidly running out of time to address very new classes and as you pointed out as well we actually earn a moment for our nation is facing colliding. Place the covid nineteen pandemic as you mentioned but we also have a rapidly worsening economic crisis. We have a crisis democrats in our country. That is being made there In this moment so all of these colliding to creative patrician where underlying social economic disparities than discrimination being exacerbated and a climate crisis is holding a very inequitable way Around the world and here in the us so what we do now what the biden administration does and what future us administration to is very very important. The most significant difference. We're going to see is that we now have an administration that recognizes the fines will be guided by the signs and how they respond to the climate crisis instead of an administration that basically lied relentless me about the existence of Munchies the climate crisis that even the reality the cova christ who actually worked to make them more worse. So now we have a president who actually five instead of sidelining them and silence them yes. thank goodness. I will say As had been speculated trump's legacy will probably be moreover his Calling the crisis a hoax and of course Rescinding these operas of hundred epa mostly epa regulations. Let's get into What we might expect from the biden administration. We could start with. I did intend or ask you What did the biden campaign pledge to address the climate crisis. But let's let's pass on. That says now he's been elected you wrote In a union of concerned scientists blog post. I believe it was dated november seventh What the by presi means Relative to the climate crisis you identified Various aspects are measures that the biden ministrations should take under the title wet. President biden's should do on climate. You could note a few of these relative to what you think would be most productive coming from a biden administration. What's most important for the vitamin that administration to extend a very clear strong and early signal. They're going to take this challenge seriously. They wanna aggressive with all of that. They have so. I know that maybe have pointed out that In our democratic took them eighty the actions that the president together with the action congress that will really allow for full Aggressing of problems like climate crisis. And no doubt congress. Must say it's hard if we're going to get your They should have and comprehensive action. But there's a loss at the biden expiration can and should do on its own and much of that can be done fairly quickly Within the first hundred days of the administration taking power one quick forward and simple thing that everyone has been talking about is of course are getting back in the remount of the trump administration on november. four The final the us from the of women that is an action that puts us on the sidelines and uniquely isolated on the world stage where the only country that has actually stepped away from the therapy. We need to get back An after the responsible major nation of the world i together with other nations to raise invasion around a dozen the global climate crisis. And i miss fans there's no different the covid nineteen pandemic. we can solve the global complex challenges only when the app in concerts that other nations. So that's pretty straightforward It's not enough to just get back. In paris agreement we have to borrow A with domestic action. That shows that you are gonna take this seriously. We have to set signs and gone goals cutting He in mission here in the us. The ipc record and twenty eighteen all down some pretty cure now. Metrics are the growth of the global community would have to meet to stay below two degrees here. Aiming for one point five degrees celsius about pre industrial levels the temperature increase so. She do contribute. Its fair share to that. The us must be on a bad day to get to net zero emissions. No later than twenty for before. I'm have to be well on that. By twenty thirty having our mission show By twenty thirty to do that we're going to need action across the economy. Has inspector the biden administration should be directing every federal agency To make sure that they're incorporating climate science and their actions that they're looking for opportunities to go cut emissions as the bill climate billions to the climate impacts that are unfortunately already locked in Their action that the administration can take to the deputy voters and regulatory action to cut heat trapping emissions cosby economy. They should do so There are a number of very aggressive. Compensation decorative voter that Should be giving both back and one thing that is the has not recognize the now taking these kinds of ambitious actions requires leadership not just from the president but from his gatherer competitive agency. You'll be watching me. What appointments look like we need to have people in charge of these agencies and appointed to cabinet positions that recognize how climate change touch with every aspect of our economy and our lives and there needs to be david into their world view.

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