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He's not in the water around like twelve or thirteen. I started getting back in the water. Tough water the ocean. You're like the ocean knock going. Oh and you know what. He said he goes like this. he's like. I can't get in the water but like if i'm in the ocean i'm doing this. I don't go anywhere. So are we going to do. Ocean or pool fucked up against women. The ocean is like the most powerful force on the planet. I will give you that. So then what is is it like lapsed like who can swim faster lap or or like you both go at the same time down in back to data back same time or like timewise wall. Yeah okay okay so that would you like olympic pool full. I keep it short. Do do the half length olympic so it's essentially one olympic length is if that one down in back from in a smaller pool. I think we need to turn fifty are right. yes course. An olympic pool an olympic really long olympic pools are trying to cut cameras. I'll talk this real fucked up. It's fifty each way so like down back as one hundred versus like that's normally foreign like right right. I think i. I think i can get you. I think the pool that i go to is big enough and small enough for the same time for you guys to do it down back. This is what i was saying is like in pe. I i quote. I know it's called gym class. Is your class bro. I mean it's it's physical education just train up. Switch that overall. I'm sure he's actually. The teacher said p. 'cause they need like make themselves not sound like a failure. So you're jim bro. No she have jim. Would you have didn't have usually have a physical classes on high school in growing up high school. It makes more sense..

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