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And you remember this the indian emma gency in the 1970s boast emergency in their god the loses elections very badly she comes back with the slogan called good he be had our which is basically a in a get rid of poverty rao gandhi has come back with the same amount of course focus groups must have really worked through to see what can catch the eye and fiber pre basically is five pence of breakfast retied so it's a quite a ridiculous price but the problem is first his grandmother couldn't erratic it poverty poverty in india second the politics has changed dramatically in the in this new century subsidies it won't really worth doesn't get the votes anymore her car seat looks move along our two the hindustan times this is the latest in the ongoing saga over india and china's standoff at the border unlock the use of the woods scuffle in the headlines here nuclear powers health i mean i i find with scuffling scuffling will do they go ahead and scuffled hangar hang on uptight it's a nasty scott it was a nasty scott i i couldn't believe that the indian media was making a brouhaha of either on free richly colder the brouhaha bussereau i dunno if abreu our house worse than a scuffle i didn't but basically three indotibetan border policemen have come back with bloody noses and there has been an official complaint carnage threw rocks at the school court i know can you imagine avenue on one side you have us and north korea it appointing nuclear warheads at each other and didn't if north korea has them but here two nuclear armed neighbours throwing stones at each other how does the end this is a headline in all the newspapers isn't it it's not something which has been in in the back pages as long as it sticks to throwing stones vets just fine we've old you apologies to the indian soldiers came back from patrol cracked heads soon enough to borrow francs as always for joining us you're listening to the daily.

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