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David Greenwood had a couple good years. Yeah, the difference in the the team now in the team when I played is management. Ownership. You know they have. They've won before. Now, they know they have a formula. They know what is what is going to take and they have to be able to utilize what what they've done in the past to get back there. For Zach is a personal He's going to start thinking about himself. He's gonna think about his career. He's young he's got. He's got a couple more contracts in front of him, but he's also got to think about, you know. What he wants to leave behind. Being The best player on a bad team is not the way you want to spend your career. There you go. So Reggie Theus, a former bull who's gone through this the same thing that Zach Levin's gone through and Reggie Have you speak to it? How terrific ballplayer that when she was thrown out of college, right? He came out of UNLV. He was 6 ft seven he could handle like a wizard. He was used to play an up tempo, high octane in your face offense of basketball he got here. Nobody could keep up. He was a different level player. And then he mentioned David Greenwood. David Greenwood came here. It was U C L A good player. Not great. They lost a coin toss, which gave them David Greenwood. Yeah. The other team got Magic Johnson. But that's had that coin toss worked. We don't ever get Michael Through But fair trade. Eddie Johnson. The Bulls works to get that it works to either way you to go on. We got one of the top seven players, right, but I wouldn't trade what came with Michael. But that's what happened. So what do you do if you're the Bulls? He mentioned the contract right so soon that four years 80 million or whatever he's making. That's kind of change. So so, cap. What do you do if you're the Bulls because Yes, He's the best player. But King are you afforded him another contract thinking that Yep, he's going to be our future. We just had to build around them or find another leader. Offensively. What do you do there? So you're gonna have to Max him. He's playing well enough. He's going to get a monster deal if he leaves. You can't pay him and Lowry market and I loved Lowry in the draft. He hasn't come as quickly as I thought he might. Last night, he still put up 18 and handful rebounds. He runs well, he makes perimeter. Johnny get three threes last night failed to stretch the floor. It's seven wonders. 7 ft. Tall. That's a huge thing to have. But you can't pay a massive contract. The Lowry and a full boat, Max, deal, Zach Levine, and go where we getting money than to delve into free agency. How are we going to rebuild this thing? So it's better. I think one of them has to get traded. I do. I want to see how Zach develops under Billy Donovan the rest of this year. I do. See, it's tough because another year under contract, yes, but it's It's tough because you see the production right and you see the double digits in the a dynamic scoring and you say, Well, what else it feels like mellow with the Knicks. Melo will give you 29 30 tonight If you asked him to, but then around him, it's like, well, no one's even close to him. So how do you get better as it? That's the question. How do you get better as a team? If if I knew that the ceiling for Larry Marketing was healthy, Christopher's Angus like OK, now I got a 12 punch. Okay, I could work with all these. What's his name? Nikolay Yokich. Sure, he's not. I'm not saying he is. He's not sure. Now you've got a 12 punch now. OK, I got two guys to build around. When Kobe white I'm not. I didn't like to pick remember arguing with Jordan Cornett is like, OK, Kobe white that he won't be there at seven. And then when he was you got it. That guy's awesome. Can he look, He's 20 years old Can he developed? Absolutely. I just don't see pure point guard in him. I see a guy who was the most talented kid on his high school team played on one of the better college programs of all time at North Carolina. He lasted one year anyway. Chased the money in the MBA, and I God bless him for doing it. I just don't think you can win and win big with him at the point, Zach Levine, Lowry Market and developing Patrick Williams. And what is Wendell Carter? Do that special special Nothing. Plays hard rebounds. Special You got too many guys that aren't that show. This is why this is a development year to find out who could play Who can correct Excuse speaking one that we have no shot. No shot. You just sneak in one. Sure, Let's grab Nathan in Glenview. Hey, Nathan. Hey, guys, How's it going today? You're doing, Nathan. Good. So you got me into this morning. I was playing around on the n betrayed calculator. So I'm gonna throw out to potential trades narrows here. The first is for Zach Levine. I think you were gonna trade Levin, You look at Philadelphia, Ben Simmons. It's clearly not happy there and they wanted James Harden. So my question is, Can you get bent them in on the Bulls, and then you have a bonified superstar? Sandzak. Levin's the touristy those contracts match and then you get Simmons on the bulls and you build around Simmons that solves your problem. You can play a point. Yes. Second trade. I don't know about that one, but go ahead. You don't like it If you do like it, I don't because I'm not a huge Ben Simmons guy. He had a coach and he's a talented guy. I'm not saying you're not a good player. Is he worth the full boat money? When Brett Brown said to him, please, and doctors said the same thing. Please shoot the ball from the perimeter. And he basically refuses. If I can put you if I could put shooter perimeter shoes around him, I could take it. Simmons does everything you want except shoot threes. He does everything you want, And by the way, it may not be the Bulls. Someone's going to pay him for both because of the amount of production he puts up. I'm just telling you I don't know. That's hard to say in 2021 to have that kind of talented, shoot eight threes, but cap anything else you want. He's magic John. He's magic Johnson like on everything else that you want. Besides that. Yeah, for a guy that is going to get that kind of money right now again. This year. His season averages 12.8 points. 8.4 rebounds. 7.9 assists, Multi talented What is he? Like? Why does 70 Sixers want to move on from him? Because of what you just said. That's the one ingredient he didn't shoot. Well, you, doesn't She? Well from the perimeter. He's in all these trade talks Career low and scoring. He averaged 15 16 16 down to 12 all that scoring around him, though he can't You can't give you 25 points a game because indeed and people shoot more threes, and he will now give you this. He plays when he stays healthy. He competes so What was the second deal, Nathan? All right. So the second deal is you look at the Brooklyn that's right now. They've obviously got their books. Their big three My thing is they've got to get the mark Asian pieces The Bulls had in my opinion, one of the best benches in the league, so I'm looking at the Nets right now. They kind of need to win now and they've got didn't Woody out for the year with the scale point guard plays its two point guard position, in my opinion, really undervalued. Curious. Maybe the bullet consent, said Young and then their own Another piece in there, Get in with you in a bit of a discount coming off. You've been injured. And then that kind of cell is your point. Our problem too. You can slide Kobe into the two guards spot. And I mean, listen, the best case scenario footballs this year they're competitive. They get the stuff of the racy. They lose the plan game and you get the balls in the water again. You give a kid another chance to hit on a potential pick, and then you build from there. So for me trading away a couple bunch pieces Exact I'm all good with that. I'd like to see the bullets build for the future. Appreciate it, Nathan. Thanks for listening, man. Have a good day..

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