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I washed all the blood. It's as simple as that. Let's get the show rolling okay. So it's been hard to to miss this story when I was Kinda happening. I go to quite a lot of messages because it seems like the perfect story for my ven diagram of interests. If you don't know where this is going it involves a little bit of repose drag race a bit of Nancy during on the Internet Hot Fishing. We just want your favorite favorite things and Cancel culture I guess as well so it was like a myriad of interests of mine So I'm excited to dig into a little back backgrounds felicitous it may not be up to speed on it riposte. Dry-season twelve started two weeks ago. It was actually a few days before episode to. They've done yet spoiler as well. We're going to talk about the last two episodes some. Maybe some reddit stuff. Prior to the second episode of Split The contestants into two groups twenty five year old Fulmar actor or current actor made a statement online spelling out some questionable behavior that a transpired between him and the contestant Cherry Pie back in two thousand fifteen years Which actually when you say. Isn't that non? How long ago? No yeah now. The allegations basically to give a really broad summary of it was that Bennett actually dated the housemates of Sherry Pie. And Basically Sherry head. Put Him in contact with Allison Mossy. Who was working costing for prestigious. Playwright allegedly allegedly working. Is the y'all wanted to this story in? New York City and had said this is really great opportunity for you. He mainly got a lot of email responses from this alison with scripts for a upcoming production called bulk which was about steroids and mainly it seems how they make you smell bad. It was really quite a strangely sexual script and in the industry you do do it a lot. I said Fuck with act is a bit and they would get these sorts of things where it's just like you literally mean you fucking actors not you would also playing these cat fishing. Yeah dated chosen in Dayton actors and often get these requests so it doesn't actually seem that out along To get a mess saying hey get in front of the camera raid this out. The content of the script. Slow will mainly Sexual in about bulking up putting away using steroids stopping using deodorant seemed to be a recurring theme threat these videos. It got to the point where Ben had to decide whether to move to New York City which meant ending his studies. It was a it was a big decision. Communication had gone cold with Allison Mossy and so he decided to call this company in New York City where they said we don't know that post exists that don't exist you've been fished and he immediately connected. The DOTS knew who would put him in contact him. It's like this is Sherry Sherry. Has these videos need to say something I would say within forty eight hours about six? Other men have come out with very similar stories of varying degrees of of of discomfort and and aggressive aggression inappropriateness So all the way from some stories being like I sent a couple of videos. I knew stopped all the way to other actors. Getting sort of I wouldn't say bullied but LADD and coerced into performing sexual acts on camera. Because what the original guy that came out with the statement said that Sherry was actually helping him with some of the filming up some of the dialogue that they were going and was actually physically there when he was masturbating. Yeah has footage of all of that as well. The premeditated elements of this is that he used the Allison Mossy character or persona to insert himself as Joey into these people's lives so alison would alison quote unquote would say. Hey you should spend more time with Joey. Joey will coach you through the saints. And so that way he sort of ingrained himself into the whole process which to me shows a level of and full of around this Now the that is obviously this is a pretty horrific thing to do To numerous people over a span of years and the online community was not particularly pleased about it. Keeping him on this episode hadn't even Fdr it was literally the day before. And Ed this came out. Yes Oh Sherrie had not had a single second of screen time as of yet it got to the day before the episode's wave. We h one the network the now screens a drag race in America released a statement. It was around the same time Sherry released her own apology on facebook saying that they had disqualified. Yes whatever that thing in the finale big drag fans can you explain how the filming works? And how the filming of the finale wicks in the time time why? It's possible to exclude her from the finale. But not from the actual series. See this is a big discourse online because a lot of people have said well. You've acknowledged that Shari's of yes and you don't want to condone one. Edit her out of the show or cut her out of the show now the reality is this drag race films like six to eight months in advance. This stuff is in the can and not only is it filmed. It's completely edited post. It is ready to go ready to go and the amount of work to actually go back in and open it up at day before it's a network. It's it's it's it's done but the filming of the finale happens just before it is we have from that yes or the finales generally filmed off the season as live. You Know Ed live. But it's why they can adjust that now the difficulty and I think where the conversation is getting into some ethical and moral grounds the Israeli sort of important. I think to explore is the. This is Nancy drew read. Spoilers is that Sherry is actually one of the top four so She never lip syncs. Just going to put that out in this whole season. There's no opportunity for them to do A. We'd cut yet in voice over to say. Hey Sheri's golden home remover. She doesn't get in that position. And as we all know anyone who's watched drag race if you make it to the top four you generally have a pretty positive edit. Yeah they very good at making someone could look is in respect to that part of the whole story. I rarely say something good about repulsed trag rice but I think that the responses being quite good tall. Yeah I mean. They've they've listened to what people are saying and they've decided that it's not okay for that person to be in a position to potentially win the show. There's another element to it. Which is what about all the other coins in this season and they with reality. Tv shows there's a lot of personal time and money into the show from all the other queens and for a lot of them. So if there's a group challenge you eliminate share you're GONNA have to eliminate a lot of the the footage of all of those and also a lot of the show is about how they interact with each other. I dare say they probably will go in. Even though they're saying they're gonNA eras I guess I'd probably go in and take out some of her sub stories. And just replace that with MOE footage of Michelle visage holier than their whatever the fuck. I haven't the candidates that can easily slipping but I think the way that they've gone about it as being really good this out of respect for the other Queens We will The show with her in it. But we are eliminating from the finale. Because we don't WANNA encourage behavior. I think the gray area with that and and I fully understand that and the the aspect that I hadn't thought to spending more time online as they were designed is involved in people people that have put that creative wearing other people design and the designer of all of her outfits. Poop overstatement being like. I'm so sad I can't use any of my work because it is attached to her. Then people coming forward and being like look obviously. Don't use any of that but we still love everything else you do designed for all the other queens like keep doing that like we'll still support you like it's all good but It's a very down. That's like a sort of casualty designers. A casualty on this the other thing that is important to keep in mind is so far episode to VH1 did display a sort of warning. Really which I thought was very responsible. Yes get them to do whether that sticks around for each episode. I think it should I hope they do. I'm uncertain as to whether it will because the negative and just to play devil's advocate. It's not necessarily my opinion. The the other side to this is if you give a platform to someone who is not a very nice person. We have the assumption that everyone knows this and has read the back story or whatever the truth is it might actually be minority of community. That does I'm will say this person doing well. On television. Show and think this person's great Really Championed Them. Unfold in love with that creative outlet and you end up in a sort of we'd Bryan singer Roman Polanski where people have a positive connotation yeah to people that have some really negative behaviors. We can assume that everyone watching the shirt has the full buffet of information than we do. And so therefore we end up in a really grey area. Where a we actually just letting people that aren't involved in the online drag race community fallen love. 'cause with these with this person beginning is very good at that. They're very good at editing. A positive narrative for a contestant if they want you to really think highly awesome and if this person makes it to top four. They've absolutely done that year for sheriff down. I was listening to the drag Queen. Manek's change have a podcast called sibling rivalry and that was sort weighing in on the situation. But what they were talking about was last year in the New York scene. Sort of like November ish. There were rumors and allegations going around that some other gay guy had come forward saying she's been cat fishing me. Let the allegations going around just in the New York Sane. And at that time Bob. The dry crane was running. A few different nights and Sherry was the head of those nights so pulled her aside and it was just like. Hey look these are the allegations. Unfortunately I'm just going to have to let you go icon. Associate myself with this stuff if they are true. I don't know but if it does come to light this is a real thing than sorry we have you on and they were saying like thank God we did that. Thank God we took the side of the person that was coming in being like. No this is what's happened. Yes it's also poses the question about the background check. That's been done because very hard thing recusing of that but you know the these victims of these. These crime have not want to speak about it publicly before and completely understand. Why so. That information wasn't really fairly available to the producers of the show. Yeah to find out when something like that happens. Like of course. You're going to be humiliated. I the NFL. Obey their videos out there that could surface things and these people that want to work in an industry that is very sensitive to have taken in the night before. Or whatever is your name Tani's because you've done something that's saved by paper to be sloppy or whatever so I it's kind of yeah. I have people accusing the producers of not doing enough background checking. But where was that information for them to find? Let's I'm just saying that's sort of like what we're supposed to happen on the drag saying. Yeah it has nothing to do with the physical drag saints people in Kost and do and because that's where their scouting the people and there were a few queens of questionable merit this season..

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