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Team deserves a I think this team deserves us. A midas just base offered you know The holes in their team found last year. They fill those holes. Obviously off westbrook and then you have tend might be a projected starter tendered. None maybe coming off the bed so all excited to see what seem to do but i have to give this team. Hey and is based off of the names that they signed but moved on here at maxine. We're going to be talking about the miami. He the maybe he made some efforts. Creating see here Getting or restarting dwayne deadman getting a kyle lowry signing a marquee morris signing vikto able to a one year deal. Resigning roberson reciting masters getting. Pj tucker and everything so when you look at this roster and look at who they brought in like i said deadman larry morris or depot robertson and stories and also bullard all contract extension so Start off with. I guess lowery here. I think getting lowry was a much effort on especially for the point guard. Position gordon draw drake and covered on word. Really getting it done and when i always damn he games. Considering on miami he ran. I always looked up the starting lineup before gave see what are who are would be between a kendrick nunn and or gordon driving and it would be one or the other you know. Koetter would play or Gordon drought will come in and play so it was very inconsistent on all and with larry. Now he's gonna be a for sure starter for us november fact. I don't think we still have goran otter rosser right now. But we'll see where he wants to go but overall The signing larry was big. It was really big and necessary in order for the miami have their quote unquote big. Three of Now jimmy bullard bam of bio cow bari but with other sidings to like markeith morrison. Pj tucker on those were signings. That i was very surprised about. I was surprised that. Pj cable over to miami. And i was in savings morris. To pj tucker. I heard that. Bali importers was go to to see might be offered him. But i guess we'll walk. You wanted pours. More than tucker. So that's why tucker com To miami and morris. This is kind of thing for morris where he's thirty one on a contract for one point six mil for i assume two years but with morris use gotta assume that he's going to be opposite coming off the bench being a support player for our no maybe a ban out of bio. I'll maybe he's there with a purchase. Chew a little bit with no tire. Aero baxter's victorio depot company and speaking of all. I'm very happy that we resigned over depot. I'm gonna hope and pray. That victory gets healthy with his timetable being around december for him coming back that hamstring injury. But he was a guy that i thought at miami had in that playoff game playoff series versus the milwaukee that. I thought that we weren't going to get sweep swapped but you know it happens. It is what it is and resort. Purdy came in can't take anything away from walkie completely dominated miami and But now Would kyle lowry murky. Morris ole depot pack. Pj tucker Come to miami. And then resigned. Robinson buller to new contracts. I think the i think miami's poise very poised for playoff. Run here. so. I give this team i give miami. I'll get. I'll get miami An a minus as well They resigned people in god players. The needed So we on here and talk about next team of the chicago bulls year chicago bulls made huge strides are free agency signing some much-needed player in the guard. Position with as you had lonzo ball. Lonzo ball siding that the marta rose inside a got out caruso And then you also have koby white home. To zach levine also has been there nikolayevich of amaury marcden. Dan patrick williams as well overall the chicago bulls lineup. Looks pretty deadly overall. I suspect seem to be a playoff team. Whether that's a them going through the play tournament earth them being toxic seem either way. This seems to go into the playoffs. And this is gonna be missing team to watch throughout season. I'm hopefully when you look at lonzo. Levin almond arose and hopefully those guys can really create some chemistry but the their gar- positioning in everything with lonzo. He's obviously not the guide to be a shooter more so a facilitator levin into at our guys out loud to get to their spots and month like beat set up with their teammates so is going to be interesting to see this lonzo ball levin derozen combination night in night out. Also we're petrovic market. And maybe patrick williams's makes it there at the powerful four possessor instead of market but overall the team looks pretty good and overall give this team. I'll give him a b plus in Free didn't make that big signings didn't make didn't make that many signings but made big signings ever less but the next up here talked about the next team. The new york knicks of newark knicks. Us Basically the same thing that's bowls. Lend some big names but didn't really bring a lot of people like the lakers and heated for example but when you look at Who they brought in they brought in every day from the celtics. Also broaden kemba walker from the celtics. While they reside there grows resigned. Julius randle so overall When you look at this team and you look at their data and the potential sorting line up with kemba walker forty rj barrett jewish rando. The metro rob robinson and then off.

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