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Our live coverage of the NCAA tournament on an enabled speaker or display what your Google, home or Google home. Just ask your Google assistant to play March madness on Westwood One. He'll be taken directly to our live audio straight seven fifty six to go first half, Tennessee, the number to see the south in coming into this one against the ten seed Iowa by a score thirty two to fourteen and right now the guards for the volunteers creating a lot of problems for the I will guards will they really have talking about Jordan ball. The Monte Turner, Jordan Dowden there pressing up there picking up at half court, and they're wreaking havoc on Bohannon boss, it, we camped already has six turnovers only two for Tennessee. Luckily, for Iowa Tennessee has not done a very good job of changing those turnovers. Two points. Volunteer. Volunteer sitting down off that six with turnover Tennessee with the basketball. Field. I will go. And so for the first time now after they had started in may of the man left Cy grant Williams into the left corner. Bamboo shoot over at the zone shock this authoring rebound scope with a forty puts it back. You have two points off a turnover, but you talking about without guards isn't the game. But again battery the Williams Williams was able to push him off the ball. So he couldn't get the rebound and allow Scofield to pick up the two points. Tennessee up twenty the balls largest first half lead here. Lost twins it right side of choice. Can't trying to dribble. Penetrate. Can't picks up the dribble now at Scofield fouls. Busy knocks the ball out of his hands. Admirable the big smile as faces. Visits with Terry Oglesby. The officials at all. Said he knew he was a good call. You gotta Lou excited when he saw the ball sticking out there. The Bohannon on the right side working, I guess l'amante Turner left wing. The corner. Contest the reopened. That's good knocked down my Isaiah, boss. The junior from Chicago stores stops hawkeye's social pass into Williams underneath the bucket in one Luca Garza too late to rival the Phipps commits the foul the bucket and one put home by Jordan Bowden, what are you seeing from Tennessee? Now, I was doing a much better job of getting back. They were crashing the board picked up four early offensive rebounds. But that was affecting their ability to get back in transition defense getting back. Tennessee is finding grant Williams outstanding vision defined Bowden on the backside cut to the basket. He actually through that over two defenders rebounded a nice job of catching that in traffic and finishing with the contact. And that's the second foul Luca Garza imbalanced check out of the ball game. I with the ball down twenty thirty seven seventeen driving to the baseline. Some trouble is bare just come back on. Replace we picked up that second foul offense into how Paul bedtime on. Tyler cook backing is way into grant. Grant Williams, definitely making his presence felt both ends of the four well in back to the game on Friday. Colgate took the ball out of his hands. He had nine points. But only six shots. I think that affected his aggressiveness on the offense on the defensive end of the four because the frustration. He was having an offense whatever Rick Barnes steadier this team over the last two days since that win. This is a totally different team than what we saw Friday skip pass from Brett Williams. Admiral Scofield now up CIA. Onta- Turner right side drive again against that tone dishes back savelly arc. Bob whiteside? Scofield for three. It's good Admiral Scofield is third three of the first half. This is an eighteen to three run for Tennessee volunteers lead it. Forty two seventeen. Iowa turnaround jumper by cook. Off the Mark. No good. In the rebound, Admiral, Scofield, Tennessee. Controlling this one in the front court is Turner on the right side, five forty five remaining in the first half. Take turn back and out the dribble now. Scofield on the right side, Admiral looking dumps it the John Bolton in the corner backup top getting out of babble the right wing against. We can't in the corner. Focus and cross-court pass Scorpio waltz another pre and a wave off what would have been his four three second violation. Says Tim flock or did they call? It's a foul called three seconds. Yeah. The three second call was made. And then the officials are talking Tyler cook is down in the paint. It's either going to be a foul grant Williams or three second call. I the three second call was coming up. I thought he indicated a three second call. But now the officials are getting together to decide on what the players. Well, Tim Clark early definitely weighed the free second violation. That was the first indication now they're going to go back and check the review, but this is what I saw and I've already seen a quick review. Cook was trying to guard grant Williams. Cook tried to push Greg Williams out of the pain and then instead of doing it with an arm bar meeting arm, bent forearm in the back of grant Williams. He tried to do it with the body, which was a big mistake. And then about the third time that he bumped him. He fell down. Now, I'm not sure what the officials are gonna call. They're looking for excessive contact, but I don't know if it's because of the way that cook hit Williams, but he felt like a deck of cards. I think there was anything there. Eight a call a foul thought as you pointed out called three seconds. But now they're at the monitor talking about they're probably going to stick with the original coal and call it a three second violation against grant Williams. That's exactly what the call list. Peer reminder that during the national championship game. We'll choose the older zone in the zone player of the year. It's never good feeling to see. Your check engine light. On thankfully, fix finder service attended the most likely fix for free zone. Autozone. Inbounds was just call the turnover. Handed back on before swings. Trouble. Meter up against tile Alexander back to Jordan Bohannon in the right vendor would sit on the shot clock. Dribbling now for traffic. Lost exports off the glass out find ways to score ours on the bench for two thousand cook on the floor with an injury. Corner. Here's Turner, private baseline and traffic had the ball knocked out. But then put back goes in and Tennessee adds onto more quickly and transition Alameda passed without an ounce off of the volunteers. Still belong Iowa four forty seven to go in the first half that bucket, by the way, a traffic with Scofield first-half Scofield is having a fifteen points when you know things are going right all got knocked loose by the Iowa defense, the Scofield in the right place at the right time catches a loose ball out of the air and lays it up with the right hand down. Holiday sly, Jordan Bohannon, swigs, it boss, white quarter drive it into the baseline wing, the white intermixed everything down the pond for Tennessee. With the ball four thirty eight to go..

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