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And then there was warmly sack of me they just didn't stop they can't come in warmly had the sack gets Ryan family mixing checks out after Kerry number thirty shot gun snapped a family good protection scans the field and now he'll be sacked he had excellent protection but couldn't find anybody open and he gets sacked for the second time today for a seven yard loss by Chris warmly it Chris only with the sack and then RG three attempts to throw a pastor Willie Snead and it's intercepted by JP three Jesse Bates first in ten of the bangles forty five RG three looking to throw once the fling it deep down field first need it's intercepted at the twenty yard line check the thirty five and he gets tripped up at the forty yard line by Patrick McHale raise so Jesse Bates comes up with his first interception of the year all right then and the bangles and three points Randy bullock a thirty nine yard field goal it'll be a thirty nine yard field goal try for Randy bullock he kicked a forty two yard or in the first half the staff the put down and they can't hi spinning end over end can't it is good for Randy bullock who extends his consecutive field goals made streak to eleven forty nine thirteen is the score with two twenty nine to go and that would be the final score forty nine thirteen that's Boston seconds for station identification on the first all logistics bangles radio network this afternoon then clowns and thirty four tonight tomorrow rain to snow high forty three from the home of the Bengals newsradio seven hundred WLW Cincinnati we'll be.

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