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Is released, coming up in just a few minutes. It's a 24. On caress offs, Leaders and innovation. High performance edge Computing. Jeff Winter Rich, chief technologist to the D. O D at H P E said cube frame for a I edge allows you to address security at the edge. So the great thing about cute Frank Frey I edge is it's built on a zero trust architectural, though it addresses the security at the edge concern. It also brings together the best of breed of cop solution. So we talked about taking the data class accelerators to the edge. It enables a death sexuality pipeline from open shift and Cooper Daddy standpoints, and then it's based on open hardware as well. A software as I just mentioned that allows you to kind of tailor to any of these needs and make sure it really brings value and Time to a solution that's palatable. Let HP in video red hat Cara soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. To learn more visit paris off dot com slash innovation. That's carris off dot com slash innovation, Money News A 25 and 55 consumer inflation data will be released this morning about five minutes. It's expected show a significant bump. Economists expect prices for consumers to show the biggest year over year, gaining nearly a decade, mostly because prices were so weak last year because of the pandemic, investors have been spooked by the idea that inflation could slow down any recovery for the economy. Maura Americans moved last year and wt apiece. Geoff Clay boss has high earners led the migration. The residential move rates the share of Americans who move each year had been declining for three decades. Last year, it jumped apartment list says 16% of Americans moved the number of high income households who relocated was up. 39% and wealthy movers were more likely to move away from job centers. High income households with remote work options were twice as likely to move and those who had to show up to a physical Ob money news brought to you by whole Foods market at Whole Foods market. Take 25% off all sun care and bug spray through May 18th plus an extra 10% off for prime members while supplies last Seymour on the whole foods market APP Coming up on w T o P panic buying of gas happening in this region now to we'll get the latest from the W T. O P S. Neal Augenstein, who's out on pump patrol. It's a 26. No man. Americans don't need another barrier to their medicines. Especially right now. It's time to start rethinking how we get our medicines. Well, we have to lower what we pay out of pocket for medicines, but we also have to make sure we're getting the medicines we need. While having the government said prices for medicine sounds good. Yeah, it would only make it harder for patients to get their medicines. Especially new medicines, or like breakthrough medicines. You know, like the latest cures, we don't have to trade lower costs for innovation. We don't have to trade lower cost or innovation. You know, we don't have.

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