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Morning Virginia about ways to working in a live visual person little river turnpike two right lanes get your buy out on the bay bridge works and was picked up early last night however they are in the wind warnings but no vehicle restrictions at this time two lanes for eastbound traffic headed toward the shore three available for folks headed back toward Annapolis and about why again follow the overhead signs for direction rich hundred WTOP traffic starting off this Tuesday with temperatures in the fifties out there and as the sun comes up just before six AM there is a chance for some sunshine before skies do become cloudy by the midday hours dash transfer son will be north of Washington it's a breezy day out there is winds gust up to thirty miles an hour we warm into the mid to upper sixties but the chance for an isolated shower or two especially south and west of the district for tomorrow low to mid sixties breezy again and I'm seeing some sunshine develop later in the day it's looking like we could have a really nice finish on Wednesday and storm team four meteorologist Emily draper around sixty one degrees wanting a lower Tuesday morning nineteenth of may twenty twenty sixty one in Fredericksburg Virginia sixty one as well this morning in Frederick Maryland we're six the one in Germantown it's sixty two Silver Spring and in Manassas sixty one Culpeper sixty one Annapolis weird fifty nine degrees now outside the WTOP studios and coming right up this half hour on WTOP for you Wednesday Tuesday morning the al Qaeda connection to the Pensacola Naval Air Station terror attack I'm JJ green a little flexibility can go a long way refinance your newer used along with PenFed and lower your payments for more flexibility in your budget refinance today get a two hundred fifty dollar bonus membership is open to everyone apply today at Penn fed up forward slash auto reply or call one eight hundred two four seven five six two six two hundred fifty dollar rebate available on loan amounts of ten thousand dollars in greater MSP refinance with another lender other restrictions may apply receive any advertised product you must become a member and insured by NCUA.

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