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West Point toll plaza through ongoing construction Avondale westbound Belmont jammed underneath the Kennedy because of a crash there in the left lane. Traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM, cloudy and chilly evening for you with a low of thirty five tomorrow rain, and then there will also be some sleet and wet snow for a time in the far northern suburbs. In hive only forty degrees, sixty two at O'Hare, midway sixty four the lakefront sixty three or fifty nine degrees. WBZ news time seven. This week find great deals at Walgreens. Now, twelve pack. Coca Cola or Pepsi products are three for nine ninety nine with card. Limit three and get select Maxwell house coffee for four ninety nine with card. Get great deals on the essentials. You need right here at your neighborhood. Walgreens, floggings trusted since nineteen o one while supplies last restrictions and exclusions apply. See store for details. WBZ news time seventy seven intently park managed to the tacking realtor over the weekend with a stun gun incident to sexually assault her. The woman ran out of the house and call police. Authorities say when Iraq they found fifty year old Stanley Keller standing near his vehicle and took him into custody and a category of Chicago and African American history since its founding nineteen forty two his file for bankruptcy. Johnson publishing was one of the most recognizable African American brands of the country. I with ebony magazine in nineteen forty five then jet magazine in nineteen fifty one the company says it struggled to restructure and obtain financing police are investigating who tampered with the odometer in a car that someone bought from a private seller last week scam. That has been updated for our modern age digital can be reprogrammed spray. Lower false mileage PayLess park police chief Joe Miller says a resident paid another person twelve thousand dollars cash for Jeep they thought only had seventy three thousand miles on it but turned out to have two hundred and thirty two thousand mile. Miller says the good news is ways to check. These things have also evolved Carfax is traditionally very reliable source. See what the mileages is out of the or.

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