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The program? Let's get right back to business. Michael, your next welcome to the program. All right. Michael's left the building. Let's go ahead and jump over to Bob Bob Europe Next. Welcome to the show. Thank you, Steve for taking my call. You preach it. I'll turn the pages. This is about Our Constitution tells us That when things get like they are now. In fact it and you have to be as bad as they are. Now. It's our duty. To stand up and every veterans Floor note to defend Constitutions and against all enemies, Foreign and domestic. China is a terrible, terrible enemy, but the biggest enemy is domestic and Trump won't have to, uh, ask for support. There are out of 80 million Americans that voted for him. I would say at least 10. I'm being very ridiculously conservative 10 million are Veterans who will stand up in a heartbeat. Be Minutemen for the situation, not to mention the additional millions in the military itself. This this can go Um We won't tolerate it when the Texas Um, lawsuit came down on the Predominantly conservative, uh Supreme Court of the United States went 72 against because it was no standing. Give me a break. If that's act echo of what's coming down the way I won't have to hear any more. And them saying No, It's no stand. There's nothing here, blah, blah, man. They're the enemy and Bill Bar, Man. I really thought that guy was a hero. My personal opinion is it's worse for him in the sense of being owned by the I think he and the Epstein may have had something going and they got him by the short hairs. And honey Pat, honey honey pot tax stuff. There's a lot of that going on and so I can feel sorry for him and one sense, but I absolutely hate what he said and done. And so that's why I'm with you, Bob. I'm with, you know, I appreciate the column and great call, and I'm with you and I agree, And I think we're at that point. You know? I really believe we're at that point where we're facing tyranny. And we just cannot allow this. I pray that Donald Trump steps up and I just got this feeling that he may do just that. All right, Let's get right back to calls. Will your next Welcome to the program. Well, well, Thank you, Stephen again. Thank you for your show and thank you for your strength and your opinions. Enough. God bless Donald J. Trump, and those people are morally inclined. Uh, you know, I'm sitting here stunned by what you just told me. This is so unbelievable. These people would betray us like this. It is so flagrant, and it's so obvious. It's just It's staggering. How disconnected these people become Some kind of every every aristocratic elite who now look at us. Almost like like the CCP looks at the Chinese people who the two slaves in the factory. I agree. 6 $600 a month I was told today by somebody without validating it can't accuse $2000 a month of their people you have in your right. I mean, $600 a month is some kind of an insult, and France is giving their people a little better than 3000. I mean, I mean, trump. Look, I think you're absolutely correct. I don't see any way out of this. Sometimes confrontation has to occur where they're going to make that up. Wondrous moment. We're going to make it one of conflict, but it damn well needs to be And I'm with you. I It's time I'd set him up and say, Here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna I d everybody the fact you can sensibly $12.60 dollars. You can't give him a damn voting idea. You should be shot somewhere. If you can't accept that, that type of reasoning stop right now and reconstruct the I don't want to change the Constitution. I do want to some understanding about how we left these people How we vote for them. How we removed them like these damn people. They're they're nesting out these public employees and elected positions, So I really think you're right. This is the time to stand. We couldn't find a better man. Uh, I'm a little uncertain about the outcomes agency. Physical violence, but the magnitude of violence we may see we don't risk that now. I think it's unpredictable. Oh, it'll it'll be worse. Well, it would be.

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