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For details world in maltby komo news time seven fifty four let's check your drive it's getting sloppy marina rockinger just watching thanks so it really is it's been a rough one this morning up particularly if you're trying to get into seattle along boeing field the slowdowns beginning southcenter going to get very heavy to approach michigan and then into downtown there had then a crash at michigan for a while that's off its cleared off but definitely let that backup and that's a fact of the west seattle bridge so eastbound is solid from thirty fifth the cross over to i5 northbound 509 struggling at a pioline to the first avenue south bridge northbound ninety nine really heavy i as you head along the duwamish river through south park up to the first avenue south bridge in that continues to be slow from the industrial district into town westbound i90 heavy now from factoria as you head across mercer island over to i5 southbound i five still a big struggle north marysville into everett your next look at traffic at 80 four marina rockinger komo news drain of times 42 they headed for a high near fifty two a little bit breezy as well we're going to get wet this week look for showers for tomorrow with threw at least thursday right now in downtown seattle reign and forty seven one of the most talked about moments of the grammys last night had nothing to do with music mit had to do with politics it was recorded bit from host james cordoned that has people talking the premise auditions to read the audio book for the trump administration cheered on fire and fury dj kallad cardi be and more participated this i miss his life but the big revealed the end had hillary clinton booking the gig one reason why he liked and the food safety the crowd here loved it but conservatives didn't donald trump jr tweeting quote getting to read a fake news book excerpted the grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency back stage at the grammys jason nathanson abc news.

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