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Join i would go to new york knock on the doors forever hopes who say knock knock hello hey were founders wanna meet you that's brian chessie co founder and ceo of air be envy today arab india's valued at thirty billion dollars but it wasn't always that way would inches near his we live with them an isis joke that will you ugandan an iphone steve john incomes he from your couch but i'd it brian's going to show us how house visits with his customers helped him grow his business and we'll hear from mary facing the founder of meant it says it takes a lot more than grit to get your stardom off the ground handwrapping your business before you go law that's all ahead on matsche's escape coming up after the news mm live from npr news in washington i'm chase demons the department of homeland security is unveiling new safety measures for flights arriving in the united states from hundreds of foreign airports a preview indicates the changes include tougher screening of passengers and electron iq devices homeland security secretary john kelly says there needs to be a more unified approach to aviation security this time that we raise the global baseline of aviation security we cannot play international workable with each new threat stead we must put in place new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed airlines that do not comply with the changes could be forced to ban laptops and other devices and plain cabins the state department is notifying us embassies and consulates about the new criteria for visa applicants from six muslimmajority nations and all refugees the move comes after this week's supreme court ruling partially restoring president trump's temporary travel ban homeland security secretary kelly is expected to unveil those guidelines tomorrow national security adviser h r mcmaster says the president is making global alliances stronger and theorists merely reese kelly reports on mcmasters remarks at a security conference in washington where he gave assurances that the president is fully committed to nato oh mcmaster was asked why at the recent nato summit in brussels the president didn't reaffirmed the us commitment to common defence article five of the nato treaty mcmaster dismissed the omission as a manufacturer controversy i think what is clear you mentioned the presence tough our allies of what our allies but it's tough law oh okay if love that you're chuckle from the crowd and.

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