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Vertigo and there had to be a reason so we decided to organize all the footage not along a city waking up and spinning its day but as a remake one of us just glibly said why don't we just remake vertigo using these yeah can i say this it sounds painstaking like how many how many films are in this we watched a few hundred films maybe three hundred i think there's just under a hundred maybe ninety eight films and this it sounds painstaking a hundred oversight that's painstaking one hundred films and television shows and clip them into existing to create new testing narrative of vertigo i was part of the really the really fun part we're just watching all these things like with our jaws agape and then every and then and then evident gale and edited together i think it i even though i we have no gripes about our artists fee had worked out too but a cent an hour it was really fun though and our most important collaborator who worked along with the three of us was a fair usage lawyer that higher because it's a pretty gray area now but what i learned is that if the it's vague and but i would just talk to her on the phone and describe how many minutes i was using we were using each fill and the intent in the why and if as long as it was sort of didn't even matter if it was respectful or not but it was i guess and then and then we also had to make sure we weren't too close to a plagiarism vertigo itself so it was a matter of just her being able to word a write up a letter to a hypothetical judge somewhere and and to get insurance for the film see might be listening to this right now going so wh why would you do something so i wanna play clip from the film.

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