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Com. That's Ken Coleman dot com. Go ahead. Get the guides and get hired. Thanks for joining us today here on the Coleman show on Sirius XM really really excited a big. Thank you to everybody who has so far jumped on and pre-ordered, my new book the proximity principle, as you know, been talking about the principle, and I'm so excited about it. Because it's so applicable whether you're starting you want to step out, whether you're stepping out of college, you're you're just you're stepping out and stepping in your starting or whether you're stuck you wanna get out. We do a lot of people wanna get out, and you're stuck or if you're like me your loving you work, but you want to continue to maximize it for influence for legacy the proximity. Principle works for everybody five people five places, and then we have some practices homework throughout the book, very practical. So I wanna mention real quick if you're thinking about a graduation gift, by the way. Oh my goodness. This is what every graduate. I'd like to talk to every college graduate in the world, and we're working on doing just that. By the way. I wanna mention Ken Coleman dot com is where you go get the book. And also, we have some free goodies the book and a video lesson for me title. Discover what you were born to do. So all of that right now special offer until may thirteenth. That's when we hit the street so Ken Coleman dot com. We'll continue tell you more about that. All right back to the phones we go eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the number for you to get in on this conversation..

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Ken Coleman discussed on The Ken Coleman Show

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