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Warrenville at Butterfield and wrote 59. The U. S. Is expected to reach 400,000 covert 19 deaths today, according to Johns Hopkins University, the death toll stands at just under 398,000. The first covert 19 deaths in this country were confirmed less than a year ago. Meanwhile, the U. S case count is about to hit 24 million Newer, highly contagious strain of Cove in 19, originally identified in the UK has been found in several U. S. States, including Illinois, North Western medicines. Dr Kevin Most, tells WGN's Bob Surat. This strain has actually been around for a while, but this is Darwinism. You know, the virus that can continue to spread is the one that's going to continue to survive. You know it's been identified in eight states. Northwestern identified a case last week so we know it's here in Illinois. It's probably a lot further along that we then we know we have to remember this issue. Vary. It came back out in October. While this variant is considered more contagious, it's not believed to be more fatal. As Chicago public schools are encouraging more students and teachers to return to classrooms. The Chicago Teachers union is lunk looking to pump the brakes, speaking outside jumping elementary in Pilsen this morning, see to you legislative director Stacy Davis, Gates says. I want to know how many kids have come back. Since classes have reopened. How many kids came back last week. They kept telling us how many adults came back, but we still don't know how many kids came back. They projected 6000 kids how many of those 6000 kids actually came back into the school community. And then what does that say about the eroding confidence? With teachers start to speak out, she says. See to you will keep pushing to make classroom safer but also to make remote learning better. The son of Dr Martin Luther King Jr is remembering his late father's legacy. Martin Luther King, the third says. Despite his father's many accomplishments, he says, Over the last few years, America seems to have been turning on itself and needs to start coming together. We leave in an era of a divided America. We must now create an era of a united America United we stand divided we fall. King also touted the significant progress made as a country, referring to Kamala Harris, as the first woman elected as vice president and a mass rally will be held today demonstrating against white supremacy. Ah large group of labor, community and religious organizations will gather at federal Plaza and the group says it's in light of the breach of the capital and in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Group is demanding the immediate removal of President Trump and his arrest. The rally will begin at noon. WGN Sports Here's Dave innit second of back to back games for the Bulls their home Tonight's take on the Houston Rockets after winning Sunday in Dallas, the Bulls air five and five since their own three start. Blackhawks are Oh, in three with one more game at Florida tomorrow Tonight. Blackhawks Live with Chris Boden and Nick is Mani seven o'clock here on W. GM the home team's the Packers in chief's favored in next week's NFL Conference Championship games. They've added WGN.

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